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Klein revisits DC and Marvel’s Amalgam line

Bruce Wayne, Agent of SHIELD

Bruce Wayne, Agent of SHIELD

We’ve linked to letterer Todd Klein’s various logo studies before, but this week’s is kind of special — Klein examines DC and Marvel’s Amalgam event from the 1990s, specifically the logos for each of the Amalgam books. Part 1 is here, and part 2 is here.

If you missed the Amalgam event when it occurred, it followed the Marvel vs. DC mini-series that, as you can guess, pitted various Marvel heroes versus DC’s. Fans could even vote on some of the outcomes, like Superman against the Hulk and Wolverine taking on Lobo. Far more interesting, though, was the spin-off event … due to events in the mini-series that I can’t really remember now, the two separate universes were merged, as were their characters. So you had combinations like Captain America + Superman = Super Soldier, Ghost Rider + Flash = Speed Demon and Dr. Fate + Dr. Strange = Dr. Strangefate, among others. Marvel and DC respectively published half the books in 1996, then followed it up with another round of them in 1997.

Anyway, all these new comics needed logos, so Klein talks about how the designers (in many cases, himself) took elements of each of the parent logos to create logos for their unholy (but in many cases, really fun) offspring. “Each company tended to want their character logos to dominate. Funny how that worked,” Klein says. In any event, the recap is interesting reading for process junkies and nostalgic fans alike, as Klein details what went into each logo and some of the plot elements of the books. Definitely worth checking out.



I fondly remember this event and still have some of the individual issues. My favorite was SPIDER-BOY by Karl Kesel and Mike Wieringo. These comics were well-written innocent fun (something sorely missing in many mainstream superhero comics these days) and I wish somehow DC and Marvel could agree to put these individual issues into a couple of TPBs.

The Amalgam comics were collected in TPBs but they have fallen out of print, which is odd because the Marvel vs. DC trade got a new printing not that long ago (new DC logo!), complete with the Dr. Strangefate “fifth” issue. I guess copyrights, and inter-company sniping, keep getting in the way.

One more (but this one is unavailable on Amazon):

Klein’s logo studies are oddly fascinating. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read this one yet, but it looks like the best so far.

The best character proposal I ever read was on UseNET.

Wolverine + The Flash = Flaverine.

That combo was called “Blade Runner” in Wizard. if any of y’all are really into Amalgaming stuff.

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