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Leaked Wolverine: Over 1 million served (and counting) [Update]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

More than 1 million people have downloaded X-Men Origins: Wolverine since an early copy of the 20th Century Fox film was leaked online last Tuesday.

That’s according to TorrentFreak, which follows all things BitTorrent-related.

More than three weeks from its theatrical release, the movie is the most popular torrent on The Pirate Bay, which bills itself as the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker.

In related news, News Corp. may be backing away from its firing of columnist Roger Friedman, who drew criticism over the weekend for downloading and reviewing Wolverine. News Corp. is the parent company of 20th Century Fox and Fox News.

Although News Corp. stated clearly that it had “promptly terminated” Friedman, the gossip reporter denied to ABC News that he’d been fired. According to The Huffington Post, Friedman was to meet today with Fox News executives to decide his fate.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens on May 1.

Update: Fox News issued a statement Monday evening saying the company and Friedman had “mutually agreed to part ways immediately.” That’s “mutually agreed to part ways,” two days after the gossip reporter had been “promptly terminated.”



I’m actually quite interested to see how much this effects the Box Office numbers for the movie, if it does at all.

I don’t think all this story will have such a dramatic effect on the film’s performance at the box office. I for one haven’t download the film cause I want to watch it in theaters the first day it comes out. I think downloading Wolvie is unfair for both the crew who worked in it and Hugh Jackman. He seems to be such a nice guy and he really loves Wolverine. So, who gives a shit about FOX? I’m in for the movie just for Hugh and his gang and I’ll go to see X-men Origins for more than just one time if I like it.

I watched the movie and have to admit, I really wanted to dislike it. But I didn’t. I loved it and am looking forward to watching it on the big screen. Even though the copy I saw was DVD quality, I am still looking forward to the big release and plan to attend right after I get back from Church camp.

Ick… The movie did nothing for me. Better than X3 I guess, but that’s faint praise. It glossed over Wolvie’s childhood and war history in a matter of minutes, played fast and loose with his history, and shoved in way too many extraneous characters. If there are any Dominic Monaghan fans going just to see him, save your money. He’s not in it for long, and his character really serves no purpose.

It re-created the Alkali Lake stuff from X2 quite nicely, but even then the movie didn’t synch up with what happened in the first two X-Men flicks. Sabretooth being the most obvious difference, but Stryker’s story had some (ahem) striking differences too. It also didn’t help that I never believed the actor playing Stryker, as he was nothing like X2’s Stryker. You could say the same about Liev Schrieber as Sabertooth, but he’s certainly an upgrade from Tyler Mane. In the case of Stryker, they definitely downgraded. There’s a funny scene with Stryker in the closing credits that made me chuckle, but it would seem to contradict X2.

Then there’s the whole thing with Wolvie’s girlfriend (a real cutie, BTW) and Emma Frost… I don’t think that was following the comics history at all, but then I’m not all that familiar with Emma outside of Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run. I do know she shouldn’t be like a high school cheerleader though, which how she came off in this movie. Cyclops seemed added to the movie for no particular reason either.

Then there’s Deadpool… Not terribly familiar with him either, but I feel awful for fans of that character. I KNOW that’s not supposed to be his backstory!

I feel bad for Jackman too, because I think he’s a good guy and he always delievers as Wolverine. But he’s been stuck in yet another crappy movie, and I don’t feel the need to plunk down money to see it. I wanted to like it, but the bar has been raised even higher after Batman Begins, Dark Knight and Iron Man, and this just doesn’t measure up. Hell, it doesn’t measure up to the first two X-Men or first two Spider-Man films.

Update Monday April 6, 5:30 PM ET: Friedman was officially terminated in his Monday meeting with Fox News executives. Fox News released the following statement:

Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately. Fox News appreciates Mr. Friedman’s ten years of contributions to building and wishes him success in his future endeavors. Mr. Friedman is grateful to his colleagues for their friendship and support over the past decade.

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