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Len Wein’s home burns down

Writer Harlan Ellison posted on his website that more than half of Justice League writer Len Wein’s home burned down today:


Len Wein called this morning. More than half of his house burned down earlier today. Len and Chris Valada and Chris’s son, Michael, got out okay, but their beloved dog, Sheba, ran back inside and is gone. In addition to both bedrooms, the bathroom, and much of the office, what was burned first was the original art for the first Wolverine story, the cover of GIANT X-MEN #1 and other art pieces worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Susan and I will be over there as soon as I pick up my car today, and as soon as I’ve met the dental appointment we have scheduled. This is a major catastrophe for one of my oldest and closest friends. Like your Host, Len is a lifetime freelancer and, even though he remains a star of the comics world, even though he created Wolverine and Storm–among other characters–he goes from day to day earning a freelancer’s living, as do I…and these are frightening economic times for those of us out there, to paraphrase Arthur Miller, “on a few words and a shoeshine.”


Our best wishes go out to Wein and his family. We’ll share any details on how folks can help if/when they become available.



What is with all of these writers and artists and all of their Goddamn houses burning down?

It’s a real shame. Come out swinging, Len.

Im very dishearted hearing this. My condolences to Mr Wein and his family.

Now would be a good time to make a contribution to The Hero Initiative. Besides fire insurance, they’re the ones in the best position to help Len out in the short term AND the long-term.

That’s terrible. Len Wein’s one of the nicest guys in comics. Best wishes, Len; I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts.

This sucks.

God damn, that’s terrible. As someone that went through his home burning down, my heart goes out to him and his family. Very sad about the dog. And losing all that original art…jeez…I wonder why he even still has that? I guess the price will just keep going up, but he could have offed those pages for a shit-ton of money by now.

Mysterious Stranger

April 6, 2009 at 5:56 pm

Having lost my own home and two cats to a fire 2 years ago I know what they’re going through. Len and family have my sincerest condolences.

Very very sorry to hear about Len’s tragedy. He lost Sheba, half his house, countless memories, and that priceless original art. We recently lost one of our dogs and have been slowly recovering.

My best wishes to Len and his family. Thank God they were spared.

Hero Initiative, let’s do something to raise some money for this guy.

how tragic for a legend like Len to lose his house and his beloved pet at least he is alive and hopefully heroes inintive or something comes through and helps Len get back on his feet. as for all that art lost. too bad marvel does have a heart and give him their copies of it.

“too bad marvel does [sic] have a heart and give him their copies of it.”

I think the significance of “original art” is largely that it IS NOT a copy.

Len Wein and I all appreciate the kindness and good thoughts of everyone who has expressed sympathy and offered assistance to us this week. We are grateful that Len and Michael and Dexter, an amazing golden retriever who insisted Len leave his office and investigate the problem, survived the fire though we lost our beautiful 14 year old golden, Sheba.

Wow, just read about this. That’s a major bummer.

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