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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 to include Iron Fist

Today the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 website revealed another playable character for the upcoming video game — Iron Fist:

“We wanted Iron Fist to have his own theme and stick out from other characters,” writes Justin Heisler, fusion designer for the game. “His powers and animations were strongly influenced by his martial arts fighting style, and for his powers we focused on moves emphasizing his Chi abilities. This carried through to his Fusion moves: in many of his moves, he leaves mystic symbols after major impacts, and even sometimes when he’s moving at accelerated speeds.”

The game is a loose adaptation of Marvel’s Civil War storyline, and narrative designer Alex Kerr notes that during the event, Iron Fist was wearing Daredevil’s costume. “… our game is sort of a ‘What If?’ take on the Marvel Civil War,” he said.



This will compel me to buy an Xbox!

First Songbird and now Iron Fist?! Great line up. Hopefully they will still keep in some of my more obs cure favorites from the first game like Ms. Marvel. Here’s hoping we have She-Hulk in the next game!

Luke Cage and Iron Fist FTW!!!

I wish I had a more educated response, but as soon as I read the headline, I proceeded to shout “FUCK YEAH!”

They really need to do an Iron Fist live action movie.

Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

April 4, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Yeah, this makes total sense put him in the game and then..CANCEL HIS TITLE!

Same thing with Ms. Marvel in MU1 but kill her off.

The nonsense never ends with this bunch.


Love to see, Madrox in this game!!!

Who’s Iron Fist? Never hard of this guy.

Matthew Stockfarleysolomanburger, I’m pretty sure his title isn’t being cancelled. That was a mistake on Marvel’s part, apparently. I think they’ve changed the solicitations now.

The first game was fun but fairly repetitive. Iron Fist is a cool character, but will have to wait for the rest of the line up before I’m convinced to buy it. What I really want is X-Men Legends 3.

Looks cool, Marvel needs to use more B and C listers in their games, IMO that helps the character a lot.


SOLD. Without a doubt, Iron Fist is one of my fave characters….I want this yesterday.

Love the inclusion of Iron Fist!
In one of the previous clips that were released for this game, there is a quick shot of Captain America throwing his shield at the viewer. Madrox is pretty clearly seen to the left of Captain America! Hopefully, he is a playable character

Awesome!!! One of my all time favorite characters.

Civil War featured some really great obscure characters . . . here’s hoping we can play as Phone Ranger and Thunderclap!!

At least the Civil War storyline for MUA2 is much better than the lame 2006 linewide crossover. I’d like to see more Avengers and X-Men in the lineup.

this is awesome! might finally get me to break down and buy a Wii. ;) i’ve actually been secretly hoping for this for a while…back when the first Ultimate Alliance came out, i’d play as Daredevil and pretend it was Danny. lol. pathetic, i know. but now i can play as actual Danny! design looks amazing. well done! :)

What on Earth is this awful chest protector? Iron Fist is not a rapper.

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