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Moms agree art exhibit will rot your brain and ruin your eyesight

Sesame Street by Jeremy Tinder

Sesame Street by Jeremy Tinder

Gallery 1988, who did the Beastie Boys art exhibit I linked to a few months back, has posted art from another exhibit called “Idiot Box.” In the new exhibit, artists like Jim Mahfood and Jeremy Tinder (among many others), pay tribute to television shows. Everything from ALF and the X-Files to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Cosby Show is featured in some pretty stunning images.

(Via Jeremy Tinder, who drew the Sesame Street artwork above)



That Sesame Street picture rocks! The only thing wrong with it is that Ernie shouldn’t be frowning. He’s not even capable of it! Love that the artist added a Twiddlebug… I need to check out the rest now.

Some pretty wild stuff!I especially liked some of the Fraggle Rock paintings (I loves me some Muppets I guess)… I thought the knife in Rubber Duckie was out of line though, as was Sylvester being served up on a plate. Oh, and the Different Strokes one was pretty tacky, given how tragic Dana Plato’s brief life turned out. I mean, yeah, she was a babe alright… But still.

I’m surprised none of the Buffy stuff has sold yet, given how passionate fans of that show are.

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