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Morrison shares details on The Multiversity

The DC Multiverse

The DC Multiverse

The latest issue of Wizard Magazine has an interview with Grant Morrison, where the Final Crisis writer discusses his next project for DC, tentatively titled The Multiversity. Kirk Warren at The Weekly Crisis read Wizard (so you don’t have to!) and shares some of the details on the project, as well as a great image that references a bad Michael Keaton movie.

Morrison says, “I’m working on books for seven different parallel universes. Each one is a first issue with a complete story and series bible. Each one spotlights the major superhero group of a different alternate reality. And they all link together together as a seven-issue story that reimagines the relationship between the DCU and the Multiverse.”

Two of the Earths that will be featured are Earth-5, home of the Captain Marvel Family, which Morrison envisions as “a line of books with the Marvel Family done in a more traditional, all-ages, All-Star Superman style,” and Earth-4, home of the “original Watchmen,” the Charlton Comics characters who inspired Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ masterpiece. Morrison says he wants to “do the Charlton characters in a story I’d construct as an update on that ludic Watchmen style – if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had pitched the Watchmen now, rooted in a contemporary political landscape but with the actual Charlton characters instead of analogues!”

Lots more at the link, and I daresay if there’s any issue of Wizard Magazine you don’t want to miss, it would be the latest one. And I have to agree with Kirk; attach Frank Quitely to that All-Star Captain Marvel book, stat!



I’m pretty sure I would read all of these.

if someone had told me 3-4 years ago that i would now be waiting impatiently for a multiverse-centered series, i would have laughed in their face.

Morrison needs an editor that “gets” him to reign him in, but only so far as to maintain consistency with himself and dialogue with the reader, rather than to neuter or abort his ideas.

Miller’s Dark Knight teaming up with Moore’s Roscharch? I don’t know what to say.


Kinda had my fill with Grant Morrison and his mediocre/bad stories, so i will pass on this.

Sorry Grant, I won’t be ordering but waiting for the TPB…if they are worth it that is. After that Clunker he thought was so great called FC…pardon me if I want to keep my money in my pocket this time around.

*cracks in half*

Gods but this looks cool.

I’ve been interested in this since Moore teased it in his Final Crisis wrap up interview. Hearing the details just makes me salivate more.

And now I have added incentive to read the Action Heroes Archive vol. 2 I got in the mail on Tuesday! Sweet!

Why comment if you’re just going to whine?

This is going to be amazing!

The Art Adams art above is NOT from the new comic, it’s a Wizard piece done a few years ago.

Why comment if you’re just going to hype?

This is going to suck!

Yeah, sorry for any confusion — that art’s been around awhile. I think it came out before that Countdown:Arena series they did where heroes from different worlds fought each other.

There’s no Multiversity art yet, that I’m aware of.

Keep Morrison as far away from the multiverse as possible.

Plain and simple.


I dunno…so far it looks like a mini that’s trying to take the more successful Elseworlds/alternate reality from DC’s past and then trying to milk us for what it’s worth…It feels more like an idea mandated by DC more than anything.

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight fighting Roscharch makes it reek of that feeling.

However, the descirption seems to say otherwise…so I will wait to hear more about it before I decide to pass on it.


April 30, 2009 at 3:03 pm

Final Crisis was epic. Anyone calling that story mediocre is legally retarded. Go read the Boxcar Children.

This Multiversity book sounds like more Morrison gold to me. Can’t wait.

EXCELLENT! Morrison you genius! No one understands the Multi-verse as well as Grant, he’s the best writer in comics.

My thought on the art piece (before remembering that I’d seen it some years ago) was “hmmm…somewhere Alan Moore just shot his computer.:-)

Morrison is a great writer- when he’s not caught so far ahead in his ideas that he leaves the rest of us behind. He definitely needs an editor who knows which of his materials to use. Unfortunately, the past few years have made me believe DC is short in good editors.

But yes, the multiverse is full of potential- if used as something more than a dumping ground for characters or a set up for world-destroying events. Also, I keep waiting for a GOOD writer to tackle the existential issues a Multiverse brings with it (if there’s many of me, does that mean I am not special? Who is the “real” me? If there are evil versions of me, does that mean I have the potential to be evil? If evil always wins in one world, does it mean we win ONLY because our universe demands it? If a tragedy in my life repeats in other worlds, does that mean they were not accidents, but the universe demanding it be so? (see: Batman’s parent’s murder, Krypton exploding) and on and on. You NEVER see this things discussed, perhaps because the answers would not be nice.)

While I always look forward to a new Morrison project (I’m fully paid up Whorrison) this just sounds like Seven Soldiers Redux.

Okay, I just read the article, it’s all Alternate Universe stuff, won’t lead into any crossovers, just a venue for new stories. PERIOD. Gives you an alternative to Captain Marvel if you don’t like the mainstream stuff, looks excellent.

Morrison is a great writer- when he’s not caught so far ahead in his ideas that he leaves the rest of us behind.

The fun is in trying to catch up.

And poor Michael Keaton…

how is the article not plagiarism of wizard ?

Another thing what is with all the criticism of Grant Morrison. He doesn’t deserve most of the negativity posted here. The man has one of the greatest grasps of structure and medium has to offer .Yes he experiment. So what if some of his stories get a little confusing. Grant has never ever been a one trick pony not all of his projects work but most do. At least he challenges him self and tries to be different every time does some thing new. He could have just stayed doing Doom Patrol, Animal Man, X men or JLA he didn’t they would have still been a successful but Grant left while he was still doing good work instead of making the readers suffer with substandard material this shows a great work effec

good day

“My name is Wesley, and I endorse Sijo’s message.”

In twenty years we may view Morrison as revolutionary, but right now I think Seven Soldiers and Final Crisis were muddled messes. Morrison needs a strong hand to guide him and bring the best out of him. But whether you love him or not, you have to admit, even when he fails he fails spectacularly.

And I just want to reiterate for anyone who’s gotten this far, the artwork is a promotional piece for something else. We will not see Miller’s Batman bitch-slapping Rorsach (probably).

As for which other Earths are going to be featured, I’m going to call this one right now: Earth-C, home to Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew.

“how is the article not plagiarism of wizard ?”

Are you sure you know what plagiarism is?

@PhilipAMoore – Re: plagiarism

I believe you are referring to my post that JK linked to. I quoted some relevant sections of the interview, sourced Wizard (cant link to the physical magazine, butI guess I could have put a link to their website in, too) and credited Morrison with every comment he made. Out of 1300+ words I posted, there were maybe 8 sentences from the Wizard interview quoted. One large section quoted is from Wikipedia on Spiral Dynamics, so that doesn’t really matter. If you believe it is plagiarism, please feel free to contact me at and we can discuss what you think I could change to put the post under fairuse practices.

@JK Parkin – Small correction to your post. There are no bad Michael Keaton films! =p

Few writers engage my imagination in the way Grant does. Does he hit a home run every time at bat? No. But he cares and it shows in the projects he chooses. I look forward to this series.

I’m pretty sure I would read NONE of these.

While we’re at it… Rorschach? Honestly? Oh I can’t wait to hear Alan Moore’s reaction to this…

Anyhow, someone said earlier to keep Morrison away from the multiverse. I would agree with that, but more the point I’d say keep the multiverse away from… No, scratch that, just keep it away. Period.

Sounds like a waste of trees. Is the bone showing yet? These concepts have been wearing very thin of late.

The concepts have been wearing thin? Seriously? How many Earth-4 stories have YOU read recently?


I’d love to see the “German Cinema” versions of the Big Three show up.

You know,

Clarc Kent-son the Super-Man,Bruss Wayne-son the Nosferatu and Diana the Blue Amazon.


Ah, the slow death of a thing I love. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Like the wilting of a cut flower in the summer sun, so too does the comic industry yield unto the tireless call of Night.

It was good while it lasted, fan-boys. Now it’s just a cancer patient smoking joints, watching the sunset.


Kirk Warren, have you seen ‘Shot at Glory’????

This looks like an interesting test of the waters; to see if readers will accept more separate-continuity series.
As to Mr Morrison’s writing… like both Moore and Ellis, I usually like his work, and sometimes don’t. It usually depends on the individual project and how it turns out.
I would like to see a seperate-world Captain Marvel series, though; preferably returning Billy to the role.

Why are so many people here retarded? Honestly some of you even think that picture is from the project. Good riddence to you if you are THAT Fucking stupid.

Are you for real? Grow up and get some manners.

“Why comment if you’re just going to whine?”

The nature of the Internet–particularly anonymity–provides an individual the chance to spread or infect their ideas on other minds. They whine because they think they can convince others to adopt their views and thus, in their minds at least, gain “power.” Their reasoning is that if others believe what they believe, their influence will grow and their beliefs will become legitimized. People praise things for very similar reasons.

Or, to put it simply, people who whine and complain are power-worshipers who want power. They care far too much what others think and this limits them. Instead of being apathetic towards that which they don’t care for, they instead obsess over it like, well, over emotional fanboys.

Anyway, looking forward to this.

“attach Frank Quitely to that All-Star Captain Marvel book, stat!”

in a Wizard interview Grant once said that part of what made Quitely so special was that when they first met he had no fucking idea who “billy batson” was

Superman Beyond was more than enough proof that Morrison should be given the keys to the Multiverse.

Kevin Street

May 3, 2009 at 8:32 pm

Sold! This sounds awesome.

Agreed Debaser, Morrison fucking deserves it. Superman:Beyond was OUT-FUCKING-STANDING. Oh and Eric K, grow up and learn to read.

tsk…I rest my case…

Exactly, You take the “Attempting to look cool you are a child” high ground, the only thing it really shows is how childish you are.

Like the fool who screams Child when he’s nothing left to say but is too prideful to give up.

Pride goeth before the fall, Eric.

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