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Return of the Mighty Crusaders

The Web

The Web

All this week DC’s The Source blog has been posting images of some of the “Red Circle” characters, a.k.a. The Mighty Crusaders, a.k.a. the Archie superhero characters DC is reviving this summer. J.G. Jones has redesigned them, (with the exception of the Shield, who is wearing his original costume) and did a nice job of updating them to make’em look a bit more modern. Up top is The Web, and you can also check out Hangman and Inferno.

So who are these guys? I only vaguely recollect DC’s first attempt to revive them as their own universe, under the name Impact Comics. And I have no recollection of Archie’s run at publishing them. Siskoid, however, has a pretty good rundown of the major and not-so-major players over on his blog.

The characters will debut in the DC Universe in August.

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Inferno looks particularly interesting.

I dig any character that rocks a fu manchu.

!mpact, not Impact.

Lots of Mark Waid’s early work. The Comet, The Fly and The Black Hood stand out. I hear The Shield was good too. The Crusaders was passable.

If you want to read something awesome, check out The Crucible, the very rare series that closed out the !mpact universe. It was cut short and probably requires a bit of Comet, Black Hood, Shield and Crusaders knowledge to get through, but overall it was excellent.

Geez! We’ve waited a year for this! Thanks for sending me back to my own posts to get back in the groove!

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mighty Crusaders is at
Info on each of the heroes is at

Count me out. This really stinks. Another failure. The originals were better.

Tone how can you even say that when the BOOK HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET.

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