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‘Where brotherly love got the shove’



Wizard World Philadelphia isn’t until June 19-21, but Josh Bryan is already preparing for the show — the last show, he believes, Wizard will hold in Philadelphia.

“We are a group of fans that are staging a funeral for what is known as Wizard World Philadelphia,” he said over email. “The majority of us have been going for most of the years the con has been open. It has gotten to the point where convention coordinators who once asked us for feedback and what we would enjoy at WWP have been let go and new ones just don’t care. It is like the captain going down with the ship. Now with the new acquisition of Big Apple Con and it being in New York, we are to believe they wouldn’t want to use the time or the resources to stage two cons merely two hours apart.”

While Wizard canceled its Dallas show and postponed the one in Los Angeles, it moved ahead with this year’s show in Philadelphia. It was also announced a few weeks ago that Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus bought the Big Apple Con, but there’s been no indication that they plan to cancel any future Philadelphia shows.

Bryan says he and his fellow funeral attendees are also unhappy with the direction the con has been going in.

“WWP has gone in a direction when had never thought possible, where the media/wrestling/comedy guests have began to outnumber the comic guests,” he said. “We would all love to have continued to go to WWP but with the way the management is running it, there is no reason to dish out our hard-earned money. Even if they announce a WWP 2010, without a major overhaul, the majority of us will not be attending.”

Bryan said the group of fans organizing the funeral plan to wear black armbands the whole weekend and will hand out stickers that say “RIP Wizard World Philly 2002 – 2009 Where Brotherly love, got the shove.” (Bryan talks about making them on a video currently up on YouTube). On Sunday, they’ll stage a mock funeral, complete with a tombstone and eulogies. They plan to film it and post it on YouTube.



I’m sure there’s SOMETHING else going on that weekend…


Ex-president Fred Pierce apparently thinks so too:

Get a fucking life.

In response to Michael’s post. Coming from a guy who posts on a comic book website. ;-) Will do sir!

Whoever supports us. Thank you. Robot 6. Thanks for posting this and getting the word out a bit more. Wizard is going down like a sinking ship and they are taking what was a great con with them. If fighting for something I really enjoyed and loved is right along with me getting a life. Then I am sure you would of been the same people putting on those red coats in front of Washington and Jefferson.

Nice to even see the love from Fred Pierce.

Why should he get a life? they ask for feedback about their products and we gave it to them. Its not our fault that the product sucks but hey we must be douche bags for not taking a shit sandwich and saying thank you. also just so you know your the type of person that lets this shit happen.

Kudos to Josh for taking notice to this! Wizard really has disappointed me, the Philly conventions have slowly been getting worse. This year really seems to push it to a new level of crap. First they schedule it the same weekend as Heroes con in NC, so many of the comic creators end up going there but they also jacked up the admission price to $30 bucks. So it cost more for less guests. At least there is the Baltimore Comic Con in a few months.

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