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Who the heck are the Yuan Brothers?

Read BOOM! Or Else

Read BOOM! Or Else

So BOOM! sent out a press release yesterday saying that they’d gotten John and Matthew Yuan to be spokespeople for their books. So who the heck are the Yuan Brothers?

Apparently they aren’t the winners of the BOOM! ARG and this is their prize, like I suspected. According to this interview, they’re supporting characters in Observe and Report, the Seth Rogen comedy that opened this weekend. Apparently the two former security guards collect comics and guns, and are readying for the upcoming zombie apocalypse, something I can definitely get behind. From the interview: Are you guys widely known as anti-zombie experts? Do you share tactics online, use Twitter to disseminate zombie-fighting tips or anything like that? Are you part of the larger anti-zombie community?

Matt Yuan: Our friends and family know us as anti-zombie experts, but we tend not to talk about it too much online.

John Yuan: When the dead rise, the power’s going out. A plan on the internet doesn’t do you much good then.

Matt Yuan: So we spread our plan verbally, face-to-face, with people we know we can trust.

John Yuan: Sort of like Johnny Appleseed, but with shotguns.



My thoughts exactly. I got the press release too, but couldn’t really get excited about it. Though I did read their Wired interview, and I must say it’s rather funny.

I demand a Johnny Shotgunseed now.

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