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Aaron and Dillon preparing for the Punisher?



Are writer Jason Aaron and artist Steve Dillon on their way to The Punisher?

Colorist Matt Hollingsworth updated the Current Comics Work page on his website, and one of the projects he lists is The Punisher, starting with issue #75, “with Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon, Sebastian Girner and Axel Alonso.”

Although Marvel responded with a “no comment” when asked about it, it wouldn’t be the first time either creator worked on the character. Dillon worked with Garth Ennis on the character for about two years, and also drew a Punisher/Bullseye mini-series. And Aaron wrote last year’s Punisher MAX X-Mas Special. Based on his work on Scalped and Wolverine, Aaron seems like a natural choice for the title.

Thanks to Robot 6 reader “TC” for the tip.



This wouldn’t suck.

From the hints Aaron’s been dropping over the last few months about his next project, that sounds about right. Dillon on art is a nice surprise though. I was disappointed Aaron is leaving Ghost Rider, but if this is what he’ll be doing instead, I’m not complaining.

Guhh, yes please.

Aaron mentioned on his blog sometime ago that he was going to work with Dave Johnson in the future, but couldn’t say when or for what. Could this mean that they are going to be taking over Punisher MAX?

Here he mentions that he might work with Johnson about something in the future

Maybe this book DOES still have some life left in it. =)-

Great. So every Aaron book at Marvel is going to be $4 now.

This makes since Axel has tried out all the other punisher Max creative teams out with a special. so this would not surprise me I also think he will be followed up by writer of the most recent max special Jonathan Mayberry the naked Kill

good day

I just want this to be true, Aaron would be perfect for Punisher MAX, and if he is working with Dillon, well, even better. Leandro Fernandez and Goran Parlov are good choices too.


Well, I guess there is a god and I guess he likes comics. Aaron and Dillon on Punsher is a no brainer. I am looking forward to this so much that I am already sad that it will end.

Goddammit, but what about City Lights? When will they finally think of the children who want to read City Lights?!?

(I’ll buy the hell out of this anyway, but still)

This is wicked news.

It’s about time they put a good writer on Punisher MAX. It has been garbage since Garth Ennis left.

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