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Could Marvel’s Reborn bring us back to Truth?

Marvel's July teaser, and "Truth" #1

Marvel's July teaser, and "Truth" #1

Remember all of that speculation that Marvel’s super-secret Reborn will feature the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America?

Well, forget about it — maybe! — because retailer Lisa Lopacinski has a theory for you: The five-issue miniseries, which debuts in July, won’t center on Rogers but rather on characters and concepts introduced in 2003’s Truth: Red, White & Black.

Stay with me, now …

As evidence, Lopacinski points to the similarity between the cover to Truth #1 and the image Marvel is using to promote a mysterious event in July. But that’s only for starters.

Created by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker, Truth followed a regiment of black soldiers who were used as involuntary test subjects in the U.S. government’s super-soldier program. The name of the program was “Project Rebirth.” The name — the one advertised, anyway — of the July miniseries? Reborn.

More support, perhaps, comes from Marvel’s message to retailers assuring them that the first issue of Reborn will receive nationwide publicity on June 15, “possibly on par with the media coverage we received during Civil War.”

As Steven Flack commented here earlier in the week, the resurrection of a comic-book character doesn’t draw the level of attention that his death did. Would Marvel really expect mainstream news outlets to pounce on the return of Steve Rogers when, for the better part of two years, somebody else has been carrying the shield? Is the publisher instead banking on an African-American Sentinel of Liberty to spark Civil War-sized media coverage?

I have no idea. It’s an interesting theory that, on the surface, appears plausible but, for some reason, seems less and less likely the more you think about it. Maybe because it’s difficult to imagine that Ed Brubaker’s engrossing four-year narrative has been working toward what amounts to a publicity stunt.

But if the theory holds any water, it’ll certainly make for an interesting summer.



It might be an entirely new Captain America. “Project Rebirth 2″. Norman Osborn’s Captain America?

I’m leaning toward the Reborn = Heroes Reborn Universe attachment, especially since the H.R. Girl Bucky has been appearing in ads.

Mysterious Stranger

May 22, 2009 at 12:55 pm

Black president. Black Captain America. Yeah I can see that happening. At least until a few months before the Cap movie comes out. THEN Steve will make his triumphant return.

Mysterious Stranger

May 22, 2009 at 1:01 pm

Let me expand on that. Is Marvel above capitolizing on the fact that our new president is black and popular by re-introducing the idea of a black Captain America? I don’t think so. In fact it makes sense if you follow Marvel’s recent publicity chasing editorial direction. They don’t have a big crossover event this summer so they need something to get them in the publics eye and a black Cap would do just that moreso than just bringing Steve back. I’m sure there will be a big push with Steve’s return before the movie comes out so I can’t see Marvel “wasting” that moment this summer.

Maybe now the Will Smith as Cap rumors make sense! Actually, my first thought upon seeing the image was Project: Rebirth, but now I think that it may be linked to the “Heroes Reborn” universe due to the teaser image of the female Bucky (get it – Reborn?). At any rate, with Bru and Hitch, it should be pretty good. But not necessarily worth $3.99.

Anything short of the Return of Steve Rogers and I will have no interest whatsoever.

Sure would make Marvel’s recent reprint of The Truth (after a long while of being out of print) pretty timely.

And there’s still the whole thing where Ed Brubaker used to tell everyone who would listen that Steve Rogers wouldn’t be back as Cap as long as he was writing the book.


I’d be down with that, as long as Kyle Baker wasn’t doing the art.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of his, but I felt his style was totally wrong for Truth. Just way too cartoony in such a series book.

Bucky Sinister

May 22, 2009 at 2:44 pm

I dunno. I’ve been thinking that the “Reborn” title might have something to do with Sharon Carter’s baby, which was most likely stolen by Zola and the Red Skull while she was their captive. I mean, with that genetic material, Zola could cook up an adult body in a few months, couldn’t he?

Whatever’s happening, it’s Brubaker and Hitch. I’ll at least give it a try.

Josiah X, grandson of the character from Truth, member of Priest’s Crew series, and Young Avenger Patriot’s uncle has been missing for a while now….

Simple question: How much do you order of something you know nothing about?

Actually, Captain America was part of Operation: Rebirth, that was the name for Steve Rogers’ experiment, not Isaiah Bradley and the guys from Camp Cathcart.

Oh, also, Josiah X is Isaiah’s son, not grandson. Patriot is Isaiah’s grandson/Josiah’s nephew.

Doctor Erebus

May 22, 2009 at 8:15 pm

Honestly, I’m really digging Bucky Cap and am in no hurry to see someone else slinging the shield. Don’t get me wrong, Steve Rogers is the greatest, but this redemption story Brubaker’s got going right now is excellent. That bit in #50, where he acknowledges that he isn’t the guy but that he’s trying right before clocking that guy with his gun was terrific!

So while I’ve no illusions that Steve is dead for good, I’m not quite ready for Buck to give up the shield. Especially not if “Reborn” means Liefeld Cap is crossing over w/ his sidekick. Neu Cap & Bucky Reborn could be a cool duo to roll around with for awhile.

I do recall reading Brubaker say that he had “two years of stories planned without Steve Rogers” in an interview right about when Dubya had about two years left to “serve.” Made me wonder if the whole Death of Cap thing was part protest in some way. So I guess we’ll see. If Brubaker made the return of Bucky badass, then maybe he can somehow make Black Cap not come off as a corny publicity stunt.

It would be interesting… then they mention that great ‘Civil War’ story, the end of a universe. This is why I don’t read much Marvel anymore. It’s just hype. Brubaker is a great talent, it’s a shame his Cap stuff is related to that poorly manufactured event. Things like Spider-man flies., ‘I quit’ , and Clone Thor shouldn’t be considered in a quality Marvel event. I hate to be so down, but how many times during and after Civil War did they just say ‘we were only kidding’? Captain ‘Marvel’. Spider-man’s endless death march of gimmicks (ruined the book). Again I’ll mention Thor. Iron Man is either Evil or not, why can’t they decide that. Why should I route for this guy or buy his book. Don’t have it both ways and leave it hanging. Cap’s death is the only thing that stuck. Does anyone ‘buy’ what happens in Spider-man anymore, is that Spider-man? He looks like a cartoon with no thoughts in his head.

IT’s just not worth it anymore.

It is obvious that it must have something to do with Cap in a roundabout way. I agree that this will not be the return of Steve Rogers….not yet. It really looks like Brubaker is happiest with it the way it is now and Bucky wearing the uniform. This story has a lot of milage left in it and I hope it will continue. That said, I must admit that I damn near howled out loud when I understood Bucky was coming back early in this run. Little did I know that this was going to be the greatest Cap epic ever. Yes I said that and mean it. Been reading Cap[ since Avengers 36 (Vol. 1 ) and Tales of Suspense 82 or 83 or so. Though there have been some great runs in the times since then nothing can equal what Brubaker had done with his run. He actually made Bucky coming back work. Something I thought couldn’t be done. He has earned my everlasting admiration for this and my hat is off to him. I hope he’s still here for #700. Chances are, I think, that it will revolve around Heroes Reborn from Vol. 2. Must say , though, that there is a lot of fertile ground left untilled with The Truth too.

Oh my God, that would be incredible. It might even force me to switch to the monthlies.

Anybody else think it’s the return of Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch? With Marvel hyping their 70th anniversary everywhere, it seems a good bet that they re-introduce one of their original heroes. His (dead) body was just featured in the last couple issues of Cap. And Marvel’s media coverage of the event could be tied into their 70th anniversary and the return of one of their first creations. Steve Rogers is not coming back for a long time. It reminds me of the whole Wally West/Barry Allen debate: Barry didn’t come back for 22 years because Wally fit in so seamlessly-same with Bucky. I personally don’t care if Steve Rogers ever comes back.

If it is tied in to Truth…, I will be much more interested than a return of Steve Rogers. I honestly think he needs to stay dead for a while longer.

I agree with many of the above comments. I do think this will have something to do with the Heroes Reborn Cap, though admittedly, I’ve never read any of that stuff. Is that Cap still alive? I personally would like to see more done with Isaiah Bradley, especially with a different artist. I don’t think it has anything to do with Hammond, who seems to be and afterthought at this point. It seems like very few people read the last Invaders series, and nobody cared when he died toward the end of that run. Just a though/question… Could this be a reference to Bucky undergoing the same Project: Rebirth procedure as Cap, making him an actual super-soldier?

I’m thinking we’ll see the black Captain America teaming up with Heroes Reborn Bucky with Bucky Captain America as… Team America?

Too much?


I’d rather see Captain Bucky take Patriot on as a protege than Heroes Reborn Bucky.

I predict the new Captain America will be President Obama, just so Marvel can have him on the cover every month. cha-ching!

I like Rogers dead, I like new Bucky-Cap, and I like what Brubaker is doing. I’m pulling for something that doesn’t mess with the above.

” The name of the program was “Project Rebirth.”

Yes…that’s the same program that made Steve Rogers Cap, not justexperimented on black soldiers.
1. Whether Steve comes back in Reborn or not, he will be back (and was always meant to come back, as part of Brubaker’s long-term story arc). If you’ve seen or heard any Alex Ross interviews regarding Cap and read between the lines, he basically confirms it..

Oh, geez. “Truth” ought to be buried in the dungheap of awful PC ideas executed as horrid comics. It certainly ought not to be the basis for a new direction for the Cap book.

Of course, knowing Da Q and company, no bad PC idea will not be milked…

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