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DC Comics to launch ongoing Magog series

from Magog #1

from Magog #1

Honestly I didn’t expect Magog to make it out of Geoff Johns’ run on Justice Society intact. I figured he would end up six feet under due to a grand self-sacrificing gesture or maybe stuck on a parallel Earth or becoming the villain he’s destined to be or, well, something along those lines.

But the great-grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt is still in the game, still in the Justice Society and apparently getting his own series, according to DC Comics on their Source blog today.

The ongoing series is written by Keith Giffen and will feature art by Howard Porter and John Dell, who worked together on Grant Morrison’s JLA run. It kicks off in September, and you can see another teaser image for the book here.



What? What a weird decision.. I mean, I’m all for new comics but was anyone out there really calling for a Magog ongoing?! A mini-series, maybe.

I’ve nothing against the character (but then I like Cable…) but its such an odd decision.

So show of hands, who’s going to buy this? (I won’t.)

I will definitely be buying Magog and am actually subscribed to the series at my local comic book shop, and after reading 4 issues, i have to say that it is actually REALLY good.

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