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Diamond declines to carry Warlords of IO mini-series

Warlord of IO

Warlord of IO

SLG Publishing was planning on following up the recent Warlord of IO and Other Stories one-shot with a mini-series — definitely good news for fans of James Turner. Or at least it would have been, if Warlords of IO and Other Stories had sold better, but Diamond Comics Distributor won’t be carrying it. According to an email from SLG, the mini-series won’t be published*, but they do plan to release it on the web.

“While that comic has been released to great reviews from both readers and online critics, the sales to comic shops were, well, less than spectacular,” the email said, in regards to the one-shot. “As a result our comics distributor has declined to carry the follow-up mini-series Warlords of IO, which continues the story from last month’s one-shot.”

The first issue is available now on the SLG website for 99 cents as a PDF, while the one-shot can be downloaded for $1.49. If you’re unsure about getting it, you can read Michael May’s review before doing so; he gave it “five out of five Tiki Pirates.”

“Lipstick on a pig? We prefer to think of it as another step in the eventual path of comics publishing,” the email says.

*It won’t be published as mini-series, anyway; hopefully it will be collected as a trade eventually.



Very sorry to hear this, as I’m still tracking down a copy of Warlord of Io based on good reviews I’ve seen. Hopefully the series will see the light of day via trade someday if the e-copies move well.

Hopefully Diamond will tumble over and die already.

Yes, Diamond needs to fall.

It might be worth their while to wait and re-solicit the comic now that news of their rejection has come out.

Tom Daylight

May 1, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Good. This system is the future of comic book publishing.

I sick of Diamond.

Yes, nothing would help the comics industry like having the only major distributor suddenly go out of business, leaving both stores and publishers scrambling to contract with other distributors to get product out. After all, I’m sure there aren’t any stores out there that would have problems if they couldn’t get books for a month, while things sorted out….

Actually, Diamond is not the blame for this – it is the fans and the shops for not pushing a great series like this. Warlords was fantastic. More people should have picked this up, but alas, it doesn’t contain Batman or Wolverine.

on the real, i wish they would print it and sell it directly to fans that way. i have no desire to read a miniseries on my computer.

Why don’t they just go through Haven Distro ( Super nice people over there and they are going to the the savior of the Indy comic.

SUPPORT THE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS! We don’t need this ancient feudal distribution system anymore!

If they do well enough, we’ll get a trade! We don’t need diamond anymore! Let’s get out from under the thumb of ancient oppressors. The Internet puts us on a better playing field. E-Commerce allows us to make our own choices and not be beholden to what diamond thinks should be sold and what isn’t.

You don’t need Diamond, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image or any other big business to publish a book anymore.
If you put your heart and soul into the book, and it’s good enough the people will support it.

I mean for crying out loud it’s $0.99!!!

What BS is this? Diamond shouldn’t be able to cut out the indies like this. It’s absolutely not right. Now someone is going to have to start an Indie distributor to carry everything that diamond won’t.

I would glady give this book a chance if they could also sell it in cbz format as well

Fascism in the eye of the beholder

May 2, 2009 at 6:57 pm

May 2, 2009 at 1:01 pm
SUPPORT THE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS! We don’t need this ancient feudal distribution system anymore!

Frakkin A.. Michael Why don’t you distribute it and work out some kind of trade deal for your services. Maybe someone wil allow you to rape and mutilate the dascist pigs that are diamond and all others. Only your point of view is valid anyways!!!

If you want a comic to succeed you have to buy it.

Pardon me “Fascism” does your dad work at Diamond or something?

Did I shout down anyone else’s opinion?

What’s next? “Why don’t you publish it?” or better, “I bet your mamma publishes!”?

This is called a Blog. It allows for “comments” and “responses” from “readers”. Look it up on wikipedia.

And then grow up.

My friend picked up the one shot and it looks great. Prior to seeing the book in my hands I had never heard of it. Should I be chastised for not supporting it? Should my LCS? It seems that the system of soliciting 2 months before release and having to make a buying decision without the book in hand is the real problem, whether it’s Diamond or someone else who administers that system.

Wait, SLG was willing to solicit it in Diamond, but not willing to print it themselves and sell it online? So they think this book is amazing and wonderful, but they aren’t willing to support it unless they can print it unless they know exactly how many copies are already sold? Grow up.

Everyone blames Diamond because they don’t want to take the risk of carrying a small book that may not sell very well and will probably be unprofitable – and they are the bad guys. What a bunch of heartless bastards. How dare they not take on the risk of every small publisher’s idea of a book?

SLG doesn’t want to act like a real publisher and take the chance of printing something that might not make any money, blames it all on Diamond, and they are the heroes. They push the digital downloads because they don’t,or can’t take the risk of printing a few thousand copies of this book, that might not sell very well.

I understand rooting for the underdog, but I’m a little sick and tired of every small publisher using Diamond as an excuse to not do their jobs. It’s not Diamond’s responsibility to make every nickle-and-dime publisher in the world into a profitable, well-run company. They have a hard enough time doing that for themselves.

I’m not “blaming” Diamond for anything.

I simply believe that you don’t need them anymore than you need record companies or any other corporation to produce your your own work and succeed.

I wish I could buy this in comic book form. But since I can’t, I’m going to buy the pdfs, because I like Turner’s work a lot.

I’m glad they’re releasing the comic book in digital format since Diamond has their head too far up their collective asses to make this right. At the same time I’m very disappointed that it will be released in such poor quality in PDF instead of CBR/CBZ format which tends to have much better resolution and is just plain better than PDF.

This is the problem with monopolies. No need to hate on Diamond to the point of wishing the dead. But definite need for alternatives to them to get books out.

Oh, and on PDF… it can look great, and uses an even more reliable and widely used reader. Garbage in, Garbage out is why you see some poor quality. Frankly, I still can’t fin a CBR reader that doesn’t crash regularly.

Erik K, Comic Book Lover works like a charm for me. It can read pdfs–and if it’s a good pdf, it looks good. Though I do think it has crashed a few times, I have been pretty happy with it. Maybe I’ve been lucky.

It would be better if it were a comic book, though. Sigh.

@ RD Francis: And don’t you see how that is already a monumental problem? Diamond’s stranglehold on distribution is not a blessing.

@ Brion: That’s a very good point, but it doesn’t excuse the problems that come with Diamond acting as gatekeeper to the direct market. As much as we like to pat ourselves on the back and talk about how far the medium has come, the direct market is still overwhelmingly the realm of some very specific niches. If we don’t do more to broaden our scope, we will die out. Diamond is not the sole entity to blame for the state of things, but they do play a major role and they sure aren’t doing anything to fix the problem.

@ Erik: I have had only good experiences with cdisplay.

Torsten Adair

May 4, 2009 at 12:43 pm

If Diamond falls, then so too do a lot of publishers… Why? Because Diamond also distributes certain publishers to the book and library trade. Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, SLG, Studio Foglio, Top Shelf, ADV, Udon… If we can’t get books into libraries, then the medium dies out. Because then it reverts back to the 1980s, when you had to trek to a comicbook shop to find stuff. Teens will find other stuff to spend their time on. The Innocent will not get Seduced.

Diamond’s system didn’t get enough orders for the title to be profitable for Diamond to distribute. Thus other means must be found to sell the title. SLG most likely can’t make a profit on a title unless it ships through Diamond; other methods are uneconomical. Curiously, looking through the six January – May 2009 Previews, I can’t find a single listing for SLG in the green “comics & graphic novels” pages.

As for all who don’t want to play on Diamond’s football field, start your own league. Set up an Indy store (preferably in conjunction with a comics retailer) on eBay where people can easily find titles, and pay for them securely. Make it EASY to find the titles.

Curiously, looking through the six January – May 2009 Previews, I can’t find a single listing for SLG in the green “comics & graphic novels” pages.

Torsten, we’re listed under Amaze Ink/SLG Publishing, and have been since before I started working here, eight years ago. I’ve seen you say this in a couple of places now. Evan corrected the other. Could you please correct other places you’ve posted it? You’re spreading the misinformation that we haven’t listed any books for the past six months.

Could you please correct other places you’ve posted it?

IF you’ve posted it elsewhere, that is.

Matthew Stockfarleysolomonburger

May 8, 2009 at 8:42 am

What is so great about this? this Shatner or even related to anything remotely popular? I got referenced through Twitter. Just goes to show you guys publish so many stories they all run together somehow. Stop frontpaging Marvel stuff so much. .

Kevin Melrose

May 8, 2009 at 8:48 am

I … don’t understand your comment.

Ritalin is easy, ritalin is good …

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