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Hip Hop meets comic books at ‘Destroy All Mics’



I found this via David Brothers; Destroy All Mics! is “a visual mash-up of hip hop and comic icons. Sometimes the connections are merely physical in nature, some are derived from word play, and some draw loose parallels to the more dramatic stories found in each.” The blog + art is by Adam Rosenlund.



Needs a Soopman Luva STAT.

I am looking to do something similar, as hip hop is a major influence in my life I want to illustrate my thoughts and feeling on it. Thanks for the post I will contine to research for artists that illustrate hip hop


my ppl call me spo0n,im in the palm beach area,and wanted to know of any resources out there that would help me get a clothing line up or any one want 2 collab on an art venture. hit me back or leave me a note on my page thanx the site!

Check this out. ‘Comic Books’ by J.Me.Jame

Just click on my name

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