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Is Marvel preparing for a ‘Siege of Asgard’?

Thor (and Asgard)

Thor (and Asgard)

Writer J. Michael Straczynski doesn’t care much for Big Event Comics, a position he makes abundantly clear in this interview — right before he announces what may be Marvel’s next Big Event: “Siege of Asgard.”

“It’s my view that a Big Event should be in service to the individual titles, not the other way around,” Straczynski tells Newsarama. “In other words, the BE serves as something of a sampler platter for characters who you might not otherwise read. You read the BE, find Character X interesting, then go and check out his or her book. Now it seems like the tide flows the other way, with the titles bent in service to the Big Event in ways that may actually reduce accessibility to or interest in that character for new readers.”

He chalks up part of the success of his stint on Thor to the series’ “self-contained, self-sufficient and self-directing” nature before adding, “Of course, now that the Siege of Asgard Big Crossover Event is looming before me, I have to do some serious and hard thinking about the future.”

What, and when, is “Siege of Asgard”? Good questions. Straczynski doesn’t make further mention of it (though it’s presumably one of those “freaking Big Crossover Events” he tries to avoid).

Still, that single reference has piqued the interest of fans, at least some of whom interpret Straczynski’s “serious and hard thinking” as a suggestion that the writer could leave Thor.

“I hope that JMS remains, but if Marvel will not allow him to tell his stories, I will understand if he chooses to leave,” Moeris writes on the Marvel message board.

Lordodin1973 posts: “I understand JMS’ frustration, especially when his baby is at the mercy of other writers who have played absolutely no part in shaping and developing ‘this’ current Thor. Thor as we know him is JMS’ Thor, and I would be passed if any other writer, tie-in, or special event misrepresented JMS’ brilliant work. NO artist wants his craft screwed with, plain and simple!”

But while reaction at to the possible event is largely negative, at the Comic Book Resources forum, response is a little more mixed. A little.

“Interesting,” writes Beast. “I guess it will be Loki’s Mighty Avengers against Norman’s Dark Avengers for control of Asgard? At least from the whole fact that Loki’s screwing with Norman for some reason.”

“Yay. Another event,” adds Alan2099. “Let me know when Marvel finally starts letting the dust settle between their massive changing everythng status quo shake ups. I might actually go back to reading them again.”



I found the whole thing pretty interesting when I read it, too. It’s an interview that has nothing to do with Thor and is asking about the Red Circle stuff at DC and he goes out of his way to talk about Big Event Books and his hate of them and editorial interference and then talks about how he’ll have to look at his future with the Thor book with regard to this Siege of Asgard stuff. I, too, was thinking it was going to be Dark Avengers related, but the MIghty Avengers link makes a lot of sense.

If JMS does leave the book, I hope Marvel is smart enough to tap Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher to continue it. Their work on the Ages of Thunder books was amazing. Would love to see them tackle Thor when JMS is finished up.


May 1, 2009 at 6:29 pm

So posters’ comments on messageboards are considered serious enough to be quoted in a news piece? Who decided THAT?

Generalzod23: How is it any different when CNN or any major news network solicits immediate response to a breaking news story from people on the street or focus groups they bring in to their studios? Totally legitimate news tactic — get the pulse of the public when word of something big comes down.

That said, I REALLY hope they change the name of the series. It just doesn’t jive like CIVIL WAR and SECRET INVASION.


May 1, 2009 at 7:38 pm

Flip maker: been on the internet lately? Even for opinion, posters are not what I’D think of as ” a reliable source”. But that’s just my opinion.

siege of asgard is probably just a smaller dark reign crossover, like magnum opus or the dark x-men crossovers. still, I’m interested.

I hate the “Big Event Crossovers”. But the strategy we have to use in stopping them is shaming and brow-beating the fat, retarded knuckle-draggers who buy every single issue of the “Summer Event”.

Actually, I like the sound of an “event” focusing on Thor and the Asgardians. Hey, if JMS doesn’t want to be involved, that’s fine. Personally, as much as I’ve enjoyed his run on the series, I think Matt Fraction could easily replace JMS and in fact top his work on the series thus far. The one-shots by Fraction are proof, IMO.

JMS is dead right about “Big Events”. Comics are character driven, with each character having a distinct idiom if they are done well, and “Big Events” invariably diminish the individual characters involved and reduce the opportunities to explore or further define the character-driven idiom. Crisis was a great way in the sixties and seventies to revisit the JSA for a couple of issues in the JLA. I loved those issues. Crisis on Infinite Earths was a lame way to kill off good characters that that generation of writers and editors had failed to make interesting.

The concept thrives commercially because some number of followers of each character involved feels compelled to buy (there may be important character plot points, or it may be obsessive collector disorder). But it erodes the character’s voice and idiom, even when it doesn’t do violence to the character’s own title. It becomes even worse with a Kingdom Come or an Earth X, where characters, heck, whole universes, that never have and never will be properly explored are trotted out to intrigue for a panel or three and then dropped like yesterday’s dishwater.

Big Events give shareholders predictable revenues and readers predictable gross lapses in quality. A particularly bad premise thoughtlessly executed intensifies the experience, becoming a tornado of artless excrement tearing through entire comics lines.

Thanks for speaking up, JMS.

I’m not quite convinced that Fraction actually could produce work that rivals JMS’ run thus far on Thor. I liked Fraction’s one-shots, to be sure– their high fantasy action perfectly complimented the more methodical pacing of the ongoing series. But I don’t think Fraction can weave a tale like that of JMS…I’m not sure that if Fraction took over the title, he could deliver the consistently steady build of intrigue that JMS has drawn me in with in relation to the Thor ongoing. Fractions Iron Man book is steadily causing my interest to wane, and I’ve yet to be impressed by any of his Uncanny X-Men stuff. I hope JMS stays on Thor forever.

I feel just the opposite. For me, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN gets better with every issue, and UNCANNY has really had a lot of fresh air pumped into it. I think Fraction could more than hold his own with THOR. It’s also worth noting the Secret Invasion Thor miniseries Fraction wrote, as well.

farleigh solomonberger

July 15, 2009 at 8:43 am

i agree that the only way to stop events is to reach these moron readers who buy this junk up every month. but with the market being the mess that it is what other choice do they have. its like microsoft windows domination of the pc industry.

I find that this is a good set up to when they come up with a new age of superheros. Seige sounds good, but Im relly excited about Doomwar.

I think Siege has good comic books but I would prefer Dr.Doom also blackcat anyway I you have awesome comic books and that I might tell comic king about this in Edmonton. bye see yah?!!?

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