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Live from your comic shop, it’s Saturday Night

In celebration of today’s release of Spider-Man: The Short Halloween, our old friend Neil Kleid counts down some classic Marvel-related Saturday Night Live moments over at

Here’s my favorite from Kleid’s list — an apron-wearing Superman hosts a cocktail party that’s attended by the Flash, Ant Man and the Hulk, as played by John Belushi:

Short Halloween, of course, is the comic book writing debut of cast members Bill Hader and Seth Myers. Although I’m wary about the story, the Kevin Maguire art means I’m all in.



i liked the story a lot but the art was awesome.

I haven’t seen that SNL sketch in many, many years… Some funny moments, but not nearly as good as I remembered. Belushi was great though, as he usually was. That’s SNL though… One funny joke gets dragged out for 10 minutes.

Dan Ackroyd as a fat Flash was amusing… Fastest man alive? Not with that ass!

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