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MSNBC dives in to Archie marriage hype

Even Rachel Maddow is not immune to the revelation that Archie will be married in an upcoming (and probably imaginary) story line as “comic book matrimonial correspondent” Kent Jones looks at the impending nuptials and tries to handicap the race between Betty and Veronica. (hat tip: Comics Worth Reading)

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I’ll put this under I’ll believe it when I see it

Archie and the gang have been sophomores for over sixty years . I’ll read the issue but I think Archie should start trying to be as funny as they were in the forties and fifties and quit with the publicity stunts. Without the comedy the entire line is starting to be out dated .

I don’t want to read Riverdale 90210 or Porkies the comic . Degraussy The Next Generation meats Meatballs could be the best Archie books ever written

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