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Obama Cover Watch, Day 122

Greatest American Hero(es)

Greatest American Hero(es)

Yesterday Arcana Comics released the third issue of their Greatest American Hero mini-series, which featured the above variant cover. The book joins a never-ending list of books that have featured President Barack Obama on their cover, from Amazing Spider-Man and Savage Dragon to Barack the Barbarian: Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli and My Neighbor Taro-kun.

If I was a bit faster on the uptake, I would have thought about doing a CBS News-style list of all the comic and pop culture-related news surrounding Obama when we reached his 100th day in office. But then I would have missed this:

Bo jumps the shark, er, fence

Puppy Power!



This has gotten completely out of hand.

You can pre-order Puppy Power at Looks like a bit of a stretch, but I bet kids will like it.

I always think it is funny when people make political arguments based on these covers/appearances. It has nothing to do with the publisher’s political preference, but everything to do with the fact that these books are selling (whether that’s because people are engaging in misguided speculation, or genuinely like the guy, is another question).

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the “Bo Obama” books are easily read as “Boobama,” which would of course be something completely different.

Maybe it’s time we go back to being embarrassed about the fact that we read comics…

James –

I don’t get that attitude at all, even if one takes the position that these books are absolutely exploitative crap of the worst kind.

Why should the existence of poor comics designed to make a quick buck make us ashamed of the medium? I don’t see many people running around questioning the worth of novels because some crappy romance or mystery fluff is selling like hotcakes, nor do I see many people who are embarrassed to watch movies because some piece of utter dreck tops the box office. You might be embarrassed to be seen with this particular comic, but the existence of this stuff shouldn’t affect the perception of comics in general.

Are these wave of Obama-cover comics any better/worse then the ton of magazines that have sprung up since the election featuring Obama on the cover and articles about him inside?

It’s the state of publishers looking to make a quick buck featuring someone who’s popular at this moment.

That’s all.

You don’t have to buy it.

(though a comic featuring the “Adventures of Boobama” would be interesting….)

I can understand when a publisher is putting out political comic books. They sell as hell and you don’t make a buck this days with comic books. So the political comics are a cash cow right now. I can understand it but when I look at the Puppy Power covers I feel sad what became of this Industry. Next time they will make comic books about Ex-Wifes and relatives too. Who cares about this shit? Make some good comics again and don’t loose it completely!

Where exactly is Obama’s other hand?

Mysterious Stranger

May 21, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Monetta – it’s apparently what’s causing that look on the Hero’s face.

Seriously, forget Obama (who looks good here), what the hell happened to the other guy? Looks like the artist forgot which angle he was drawing from and combined two different angles in one portrait. blech!

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