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Okay, sometimes comics collections are worth something

Jon North

Jon North

After posting numerous items about collectors discovering their treasured comics aren’t worth much of anything, it’s a little refreshing to come across this story about a Michigan man who learned the contents of his dead father’s longboxes are valued at $100,000.

Detroit’s Channel 4 News was so excited that they broadcast live from Wonderworld Comics & Games in Taylor, where Jonathon North had the comics appraised.

The collection, which was left to North by his father, contains Golden Age and Silver Age comics, including Showcase #4 and The Brave and the Bold #28.

Of course, reporter Natalie Sentz has to go and ruin a perfectly fine story by suggesting that anyone who wants to start “investing” should look into The Amazing Spider-Man #583, which features the meeting of President Obama and Spider-Man.



Aiyiyi…google the comic shop owner’s name: Dennis Barger. The guy is about to get fleeced and doesn’t even know it.

Reminds me of people who still try to invest in toys.

Especially Hasbro toys, which are mass produced in obscene numbers.

clueless schmo

May 14, 2009 at 10:22 am

thanks to the obama/spidey issue, in fourty years time I’ll be eating caviear with panda fur mittens.

I bet the kids some kinda egghead, or sports fanatic, bein’ that he’s not the least bit interested in the comic books…

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