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Pushing Daisies comic will tie up loose ends, unearth 1,000 corpses

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies

As the clock ticks down to the final three episodes of Pushing Daisies, creator Bryan Fuller offers a few more details on the show’s continuation this fall in comic-book form.

The Emmy-nominated comedy-drama, about a pie-maker who can (with a few critical limitations) resurrect the dead, was canceled by ABC in November after barely two seasons.

Fuller, who also created Dead Like Me and co-created Wonderfalls, revealed last month he’d struck a deal with DC Comics for a 12-issue miniseries — through Wildstorm, presumably — that will tie up loose ends left by Pushing Daisies‘ untimely demise.

“We’ve arced it out,” Fuller tells Sci Fi Wire in a new interview that contains spoilers for the final episodes. “The dangling threads from the series with Chuck’s father and Ned’s father and the pocket watches are all dealt with, not secondarily, but there’s a whole new story that happens when there is a flash flood in the cemetery and all the bodies wash past Ned’s and it’s Ned versus a thousand corpses. That’s the story of the comic book.”

He says if the miniseries is successful, we could see more Pushing Daisies comics.

The first of the final three episodes airs tonight at 10 Eastern on ABC.




Curious to see whom they tap to draw it. Hopefully someone who can capture whimsy well.

What’s Tom Fowler up to after Mysterius the Unfathomable…?

Count me in. Lots of networks canceled some good shows.

Here hang on, have we in the UK seen these episodes before you guys in America? I LOVED this show but only found it after the second series started but I watched ‘em all and I’m fairly sure I’ve seen the final episodes. The last episode shown over here was fairly… definitive.

And as much as I dislike TV-to-comic series, i will definitely be buying this.

@GQ- Yep the UK got them before the US on ITV. I downloaded them so I wouldn’t have to wait to watch them.

I hope they ask Pia Guerra to do the art. Never let it be said that I didn’t hope the best for Pia.

This going to be great. Bryan is an amazing writer. Loved this show and dead like me and have just watched the pilot of wonderfalls, and guess what?…. Loved it!!
My only concerns? – 3.99 an issue, one major 12 part story(I would love 3 4 parters)and the artist.
But hopefully I am worrying for nothing :)

Loved Pushing Daisies, and I’ll definitely get this new series.

I’m a bit concerned, though, because the track record of tv-to-comic adaptations isn’t very good. It’s a totally different medium, with different ways of achieving dramatic “beats,” and what works for television often can’t be done on the page. Without actors or music, and with drastically limited space, you have to pretty much reinvent TV shows to make them succeed as comics.

Still, if anyone can make this succeed it’s Bryan Fuller. Any person who could come up with a crazy series like Pushing Daisies has more than enough imagination to make the concept work in illustrated form.

For a twelve issue series, it seriously had better be $2.99. A total cost of $36 versus $48 is enough for me to have to say NO and wait for a TPB.

And I also hope Chuck, Olive, and Ned get a polyamorous marriage. If there ever were a situation…

Man, if ever a comic was crying out for some J Scott Campbell interiors, it’s this!

How about Mike Mignola on layout/pencils?
Superb sense of pacing/storytelling and does whimsical well.
Plus, he worked with Fuller before (Amazing Screw-On Head)!
If you think his style is too “rough” for a tv adaptation, look at the Topps X-Files books. Charlie Adlard didn’t do Marie Severin / Mort Drucker liknesses, but he DID capture the actor’s “look” enough to make the book work!

Daniel Huw Bowen

June 1, 2009 at 1:02 pm

The last three episodes are great! Seen them over here in Wales, and they were truly fantastic! Tempted to post spoilers, but shan’t!

“Man, if ever a comic was crying out for some J Scott Campbell interiors, it’s this!”

Please be kidding…

“Man, if ever a comic was crying out for some J Scott Campbell interiors, it’s this!”

Thanks, but I’d rather read more than one issue a year (if we’re lucky!).

The had a comic of pushing daisies out at the 2008 Comic Con (I think it was 08) and it worked well. No its not the same, never will be but it will be still worth it if you love curling up with pushing daisies.

I’ve never been much of a comic book reader, but I can’t wait for these to come out. Stupid ABC …

Where can i get the comics or oder them for when they do come out….I have looked every where…. please help…..

come on get goin’! I swear I’ll buy it! I’M DYIN’ OVER HERE!!! SCREW YOU ABC!!! Grrr I can’t even buy that comic con comic and I’m lookin’ EVERYWHERE!

I can’t believe they canceled the show. I just watched the first two seasons on netflix. It was great. Now I half to know how it’s going to end. Make the comic books I’ll purchase them.

Ned and chuck are so cute. Why can’t ABC commit to anything. They should have at least completed 5 seasons of the show. The audience rating would improve given time.

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