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Quesada explains Wolverine shuffle, says goodbye to ‘MySpace Cup o’ Joe’

Wolverine #73

Wolverine #73

In this week’s installment of “MySpace Cup o’ Joe,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada says farewell to … “MySpace Cup o’Joe,” and delves into the reasons for shuffling the Wolverine publishing schedule so that Issue 73 will ship a week before Issue 72.

Issue 73, the first of a two-part contemporary story by Jason Aaron, Daniel Way, Adam Kubert and Tommy Lee Edwards, will be released on May 13, and is viewed as a better introduction to the comic for viewers of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Issue 72, the penultimate issue of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s near-future “Old Man Logan” storyline, will follow on May 20.

“It’s a tough moment,” Quesada tells Jim McLauchlin. “You try to keep the integrity of creators and their stories, and keep their run together. And at the same time … well, we have books we have to publish, and with that Wolverine movie coming out, we need our Wolverine books out there. It was one of those things where we had the Solomon-esque decision to make and unfortunately in this version, the baby gets split in half. There’s no pleasant way to do this. I know some people aren’t happy that the numbers are out of order but I don’t think people would have been happy if we had just said that Mark Millar and  Steve McNiven’s run was going to have to be canceled.  Their run on Wolvie is just an epic story that people are raving about, so there was no way we wanted to do that. So … this was just the only way we found to go about this in a manner that maintained some semblance of a straightforward and linear story when it was all put together and would hopefully keep the completist happy.”

As for the end of his weekly MySpace column, Quesada cites a busy schedule that frquently has led other editors and creators to step in for him: “We’ve had a lot of fill-ins that have been great, but it’s more than I’d like in a column we call MyCup o’ ‘Joe.’ Someday I’d like to come back to this — hopefully sooner rather than later — but I’d like to come back to it in a way that I can really devote the proper time to it.”

The publisher, however, will continue its presence on MySpace with a “Marvel Fridays” preview feature.



Comic stores are going to have a lot of fun receiving complaints from anal comic fans about this. “Where is 72? Did you forget to put it in my pull file?”

“And at the same time … well, we have books we have to publish, and with that Wolverine movie coming out, we need our Wolverine books out there.”

Yeah, because if they didn’t put that one issue of Wolverine, there wouldn’t be any Wolverine comics to choose from this month.

My take is that Marvel didn’t want to have a ‘late’ book that was subject to returns, so they just changed the date. No reader–repeat–no reader would have given a crap if the issues were put out with or without the proper number. Hell, make the special issue a special or an annual. Instead, the special will be a part of the ir-regular numbering, thereby ‘forcing’ thousands of regular readers to buy it.

Stop with the contorted FAKE explan arions, and just publish the damned books.

As a wise man once said:


there is a new wolverine coming to town. Theres gonna be a friend coming with wolverine and his name is Jaden. He also found his new parents. Theres also a big brother to wolverine other then Victor and his name is Christian. His other friend is spider-man. To any viewers my little brother told me to write this so dont comment on it.


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