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Straight for the art | Manapul’s Golden Age Superman



Artist Francis Manapul shares this absolutely stunning image of the Golden Age Superman he drew for the poster promoting this year’s Joe Shuster Awards. Check out his blog to see the full design process.

Via Dean Trippe



Really nothing more to say than, “Holy Crap.” Gorgeous.

The artistic quality of this poster is eclipsed only by my huge dorkiness for being bothered by the fact that, dammit, Golden Age Superman couldn’t fly!

@David Maybe we’ve just caught him mid-leap?

@Collecteditions — mid-leap and striking a pose.

Beautiful! I wish I could make this my wallpaper…

Shouldn’t his cape be down, instead of floating upwards? I mean, because he’s flying in that direction and all…

Ok, I’ll shut up and enjoy the pretty picture.

It’s a great picture. I do love how comics people react by instead of focusing on the art they bring up ‘possible’ inconsistencies to Golden Age canon. First it looks to me that he is in ‘mid-leap’ and has yet to reach the zenith of his super leap. Also with so many changes to continuity right now who knows exactly- other than Geoff Johns what is what.

I believe the word is “Whoo-ee!”

Great pictures! Great art! Really love that !

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