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Straight for the art | Roger Langridge’s Krazy Kat

Roger Langridge does Krazy Kat

Roger Langridge does Krazy Kat

The Muppet Show writer/artist Roger Langridge shares a really awesome Krazy Kat commission he did in exchange for some books. He really manages to capture the spirit of George Herriman’s creations, from the mischievousness of Ignatz Mouse to the surrealism of the setting to just the overall playfulness of the layout of the piece.



Skipper Pickle

May 13, 2009 at 12:21 pm

But… but…

…there’s no crescent MOON!

Really, this is great!

Feh. His Krazy looks as bad as his Muppets.

Nice try buddy, but you just aren’t expressive enough to pull off Herriman’s line!

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