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Strange Eggs Jumps the Shark not ‘Kid Friendly,’ despite Previews listing

Strange Eggs Jumps the Shark

Strange Eggs Jumps the Shark

Chris Reilly, co-editor of the SLG anthology Strange Eggs Jumps the Shark, sent us a note about the recently solicited book. In the latest issue of Previews, Diamond accidentally marked the book as “Kid Friendly,” which it isn’t.

“The book is not pornographic, but the Spike & Mike style of sick and twisted humor may not float with some parents, and retailers expecting an all-ages book will not be happy,” Reilly said in his email.

Here’s the note he’s been sending to retailers to warn them of the mistake:

Dear Retailers:

I’m sending you this quick note to let you know that the “Kid Friendly” label that Diamond assigned to the SLG title Strange Eggs Jumps the Shark (MAY090640) in the current issue of Previews is not correct. We don’t know how it ended up with that label, but we do know that Strange Eggs Jumps the Shark has material in it that is not what a lot of parents would call “appropriate” for their kids. We hope you’ll still order it, though — it has new stories by a lot of great creators, including Jhonen Vasquez (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac), Derf (The City), J. Marc Schmidt (Egg Story), Eisner-nominated and Eisner judge Ben Towle (Midnight Sun), Roger Langridge (Fred The Clown, The Muppets) and the now-oft-blogged-about James Turner (Rex Libris, Warlord of Io).”

The book is co edited by Harvey award nominee & Eisner judge Chris Reilly and Eisner Nominee and Judge Ben Towle.



XD XD XD XD XD Nice one Diamond, the next book “kid friendly” will be Crossed. Ah well, nobody is perfect.


I hear a Mature Readers Tiny Titans is coming too.

So Diamond are doing a Lusitania.

Go look up your WW1 history kids.

Sounds like an excellent book, though.

“Sounds like an excellent book, though.”

Yeah, it’s got a lot of great creators contributing to it … honestly it wasn’t on my radar before seeing this, but I’ll definitely order a copy now.

There are several other volumes available on the SLG website, too.

J. Marc Schmidt ????????????????????

Well I’ve just fired off a mail to Simon in my LCS, absolutely loved Egg Story so this has GOT to be worth a punt.


@lead sharp: wtg, throwing in a totally unneccessary WWI reference and boast about how clever you are at the same time. woohoo.
I have never heard the “Lusitania” mentioned in cicumstances like these.

dieter nagy

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