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Black Lanterns, Black Lanterns and more Black Lanterns

from Green Lantern #43

from Green Lantern #43

So one of the questions that keeps popping up around DC’s upcoming crossover event Blackest Night is “Who exactly is going to be a Black Lantern?” Based on this preview art from Green Lantern #43, I guess the answer to that is … everybody?

Alex Segura at DC’s The Source blog promises that this issue will feature the birth of the first Black Lantern. “Discover who he is and just what his connection to death — and in turn, the Black Lantern Corps — really is.” I know this is way off, but wouldn’t it be kind of fun if it was Anthro? Y’know, the first hero as the first Black Lantern? Yeah, that’s why I don’t write these things …



I’ll tell you what it is — It’s the One More Day/Mephisto deal for “dead DC” — Mary Jane’s going to return in the DCU! LOL!

“Face it Tiger, You’ve hit the Jackpot!”

Dude, having it be Anthro is a great idea. Don’t sell yourself short.

I’m not even reading Green Lantern, but this may be the final tipping point for me.

Hmm, it would be nice if Vibe and Steel from the Detroit Justice League returned….hahahahaha

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