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Blowin’ in the wind: DC announces Red Tornado mini-series

Red Volcano

Red Volcano

DC’s Source blog announced this morning that Kevin VanHook and Jose Luis are working on a new Red Tornado mini-series that will “shed new light on the true origins of the stalwart JLA member/android.”

And it looks like the Tornado won’t be the only elemental android appearing in the series. The Tornado lookalike above is Red Volcano, a new character designed by J.G. Jones. Volcano is part of “a new crew of characters” who will join the DC Universe when the company launches the mini-series in September.



Next time DC wants to release a sweet JG Jones cover sketch, they might want to wait for a version that wasn’t blatantly MSPainted over by editorial to give the appearance of cracks.

Finally, Ma Hunkel gets her own – oh, #$%&, it;’s not her…

That android sure is packing…

DC also announced their alternative economic theory elemental, the Red Menace.

Wow. What an ugly character design. I hope they aren’t planning on redoing the Tornado’s design, too. Also, what new light needs to be shed, here? His origin has developed fairly consistently since his first appearance- does he really NEED a reboot? No, of course not, but he’ll get one anyway!

DC is doing a great job of pandering to its creators nowadays. First, they give Magog an on-going series because Alex Ross was involved in his creation. Now, fans are lucky enough to get a mini-series about a robot that cannot keep his body together for more than one fight because Brad Meltzer (Metzler, whatever) likes him.

Also, apparently because he can’t get a book out on time they are just relagating Jones to “redesign work”. Jones is a great artist but those cracklines are absurd and I’m pretty sure this is just the character we saw with T.O. Morrow in the Wonder Woman section of DC Universe: Zero with more muscle (it’s the Braniac redesign applied to a fire robot we met once in a cameo).

Well, there goes Gardner Fox’s origin story. And Conway’s. And Ostrander’s. And…what the heck.

Kevin VanHook? Really? His Oracle mini was abysmal.

Lazy. We can make snarky comments about the picture having some terrible editing done – I’m there. But this type of thing just shouldn’t happen. Who at DC approved that image before it went out? Who created it and thought it should be sent out? Who at CBR didn’t say, let’s double check this with DC before we put this up? Is it a joke? I just dropped most of my monthly books. I’m a little tired of buying product that reads like it was put together with little to no thought. Editorial is supposed to edit as well as organize, isn’t it?

So does this mean they’re retconning away the Red Volcano who appeared in DC Universe #0?

Stephen Bergstrom

June 12, 2009 at 7:13 am

Uh, guys??

Magneto called. He wants his costume back.

Just sayin’.

Well, Tornado’s origin *has* certain holes in it. In his first appearance, he was supposed to fool the JSA into thinking he wasthe original Tornado (MA HUNKEL!!) The JSA didn’t buy it and yet they STILL allowed him to join!! That needs a rewrite. And then Conway decided that it was actually the (rather absurd) Tornado Tyrant/Champion (a living tornado with PSYCHIC POWERS from the Planet Rann!) in robot form, but THAT got reinvented Post-Crisis as being Earth’s Air Elemental (ripping off Swamp Thing’s new origin, but so did Firestorm.) Add all that stuff in “52” about Tornado being created by “the first AI master!” (T.O. Morrow, never mind this “genius” STOLE his technology from the future) and things get unnecessarily complicated. I hope the mini straightens all of this up AND brings back Reddy’s supporting cast, particularly his adopted Arab daughter, Traya. For an android, Red had more family life than most other JLAers, a fact the people who keep writing him as an emotionless robot keep forgetting (I’m looking at you, Brave and the Bold!)

My first thought upon seeing this image:

Who merged Darkseid with the Red Tornado?

Seriously. It looks like Dark Khan from MK vs. DC with a Red Tornado pallette swapped on top.

Red Hurricane, Red Typhoon, Red El Niño (and his “sister”, Red La Niña), Red Sorroco, Red Santa Anna Winds, Red Hailstorm, Red High Pollen Count, Red Tornado’s Bizzaro duplicate Green Whirlpool, Red Tornado Jr., Mary Tornado, 3 Lieutenants Tornado, Uncle Tornado, Mr. Whirly, the Talking Dust Devil… any more?

Nah, they’re going elemental: Red Tornado, Red Volcano, Red Tide and Red Rocks

Look. Fine.

At least this guy draws fire from someone trying THAT story element on Firestorm again.

They’ll have to screw him up some other way.


Isn’t Kevin VanHook the same guy who gave us Superman and Batman vs. Werewolves and Vampires? Oracle: The Cure?

Nuff said.

Wow, Red Tornado is such a popular property that we need a copycat of him running around?

Nobody gives a damn about Red Tornado. So -1000 people will give a damn about Red Volcano.

DC – There’s no point in reading us now!


Really, WHAT?

The Red Tornado that’s recently appreared in JLA has been, hands-down, the most boring character I’ve read in years and now DC wants me to buy an ON-GOING starring him?

Yeah, not gonna happen.

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