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Rock N Roll comics #36

Rock N Roll Comics #36

Pop culture | With the death yesterday of Michael Jackson, several sites are rolling out comics-related trivia: The singer was a comics collector, and made the first of his comic-book appearances in 1973 on the cover of Marvel’s Spoof #3. But his biggest connection — or, perhaps, near-connection — is that he met with Stan Lee and Peter Paul in the late ’90s to discuss the possibility of buying Marvel, which was then emerging from bankruptcy. [Splash Page, Comix 411,]

Publishing | Simon Jones takes a closer look at Diamond’s recent cancellation of more than a dozen Yen Press titles, plus manga and anime from several other companies: “These may not be big titles, but cancel enough of them, and DM retailers will eventually have enough reasons to move most or all of their manga orders to someone who keeps a more complete stock.  … And that’s not a bad thing at all for the rest of the industry.” [Icarus Publishing]

Detective Comics #854

Detective Comics #854

Creators | Writer Greg Rucka is interviewed by two Dallas newspapers about the new Batwoman, whose starring turn in Detective Comics debuted this week: “The ‘big deal’ about her is she’s gay, which I say with a certain amount of sarcasm. According to some people, that was a big deal.”

Rucka will appear at Legacy Books in Plano, Texas, tonight and Zeus Comics in Dallas on Saturday. [Dallas Morning News, Dallas Voice]

Conventions | Robert Michael Poole previews next month’s Anime EXPO, and looks at the the relationship between fans and the industry. [The Japan Times]

The Nobody

The Nobody

Comics | New York magazine’s entertainment blog has a 10-page excerpt from The Nobody, Jeff Lemire’s upcoming graphic novel from Vertigo. [Vulture]

Fandom | Blogger K.D. Bryan discusses attempts as a child and teen to find Hispanic superheroes with which to identify. [Look Out! Here Comics A Comics Blog!]

Fandom | In an update of “George R. R. Martin is not your bitch,” the author cautiously announces he’s made significant progress on A Dance With Dragons. [Not A Blog, via Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist]

Art | Letterer Todd Klein concludes his study of Aquaman logos through the years. [Part 4, Part 5]

Process | Art duo Gurihiru shows pages from Wolverine: First Class #16, from pencils to finished product. [Gurihiru-Blog]



Michael Jackson RIP

Well, now the children can come out from hiding!!

An Shaun can check another off on his list of “Things I think will make me look clever to say!”

One down, nineteen to go! I like it when its a nice even number.

To be fair, I don’t know the character well, but, for me, the “big deal” about Kate Kane is that she, a jewish woman, is drawn with flaming red hair and chalk-white skin like some pathetic fetishized “vampire as alternate lifestyle choice” Anne Rice/Twilight wannabe. I love J.H. as an artist. I have seen the layouts on other blogs and they are indeed smartly composed and interestingly weaved together. maybe it’s just more ham-handed “get it? Bat-family=vampires” metaphor and not just a “look at us. We at DC are open-minded about lesbians being heroines. as long as they fit heterosexual guys fantasy image of lesbians, that is” exploitative sales pitch. Where’s the big gun gay male hero, tho’? Didio? anyone? In either case, the base concept still strikes me as sheer hackery. It might be redeemed by the execution, which should be applauded all around, if it happens. but there is no evidence of anything approaching true tolerance/diversity in the mere creation of the character.

sorry if this post is overlong, BTW.

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