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Criminal: The Deluxe Edition? I’m starting to save my pennies now!

Criminal: The Deluxe Edition

Criminal: The Deluxe Edition

With the to-do earlier in the week about Captain America #600 and Reborn, and the release of Incognito #4 and a new printing of Sleeper: Season One, you may have overlooked this other piece of Ed Brubaker-related news: the solicitation for the 400-page Criminal: The Deluxe Edition, collecting the first three volumes of the award-winning crime series by Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

It comes with a $50 price tag, which may seem a bit high. But it’s a hardcover that includes the “movie trailer” that was used online to promote the series, behind-the-scenes material, a cover gallery and more. Plus, well, it’s Brubaker and Phillips.



I’ll be getting this!

Wow, is that what the book will actually look like? 4 words: Bee. You. Tee. Ful.

It will be mine, Oh, yes, it will be mine.

I hope they include all of the introductions from the trades. I get this in singles (for the backmatter, of course) but I was sorely tempted to get the trades for the intros and the new wraparound covers.

Twelve and a half cents a page. This is easy math, folks.

Actually, it’s going to be 432 pages now. There was just too much stuff to fit into 400 pages. It won’t include the intros from the trades, but we do have a new one from Dave Gibbons…

Whoa, that’s amazing. I’ll definitely be picking that up. Probably be about $35ish on Amazon, too.

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