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Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz to write Fall Out Toyworks for Image

Fall Out Toyworks

Fall Out Toyworks reports that Fall Out Boy bassist and songwriter Pete Wentz is working on a comic called Fall Out Toyworks for Image Comics.

Conceived by Wentz and designer Darren Romanelli, the book’s writer is Brett Lewis, with art from Sam Basri and Imaginary Friends Studios. Lewis is known for his Bulletproof Monk and The Winter Men work, and Basri has previously worked on Witchblade.

The plot of the five-issue miniseries is loosely based on the Fall Out Boy song “Tiffany Blews” and will focus on “a mysterious toymaker, a cyborg gal named Tiffany and a kid in a bear suit that looks lifted from the cover of Fall Out Boy’s Folie á Deux,” their latest album released last year. You can check out the cover here. The book comes out Sept. 2.

Fall Out Boy, of course, is named after Radioactive Man’s sidekick on The Simpsons. They will tour with Weezer and a reunited Blink-182 this summer.



This isn’t really what I was hoping for with regards to Brett Lewis’s post-Winter Men work.

The only reason I clicked through to this story was seeing Brett Lewis’ name on the preamble. I’ve got to ditto what David said.

so let me get this straight, start a lame band, get famous and be a comic book writer?

I’ve got it all wrong. I give up on life now.

oh for fucks sake
we’re now going to have an army of emos thinking the know comics
and i thought the watchmen film did enough of that.

So, another celebrity “does” comics by not writing it himself, not drawing it himself, just “conceived” by him. Just for a movie deal I bet. If they can’t do the comic, they shouldn’t bother.

These people should try doing the real work of comics instead of paying off people to do it for them.

I like the art, but it contains a little pet peeve of mine… random kanji that doesn’t really make any sense. How hard is it to google picture of tokyo or hong kong or whatever to find pictures that ACTUALLY say something. It’s like if someone from another country wrote a comic and used “asdhpoadajva” as an example of English. “Look! They’re using the alphabet! The setting must be America!”
They could have used “おもちゃの工場” which means “toy factory”. That would have made sense for them to have.
And on the bright side at least it’s not mixing kanji, hiragana, and katakana together as I’ve seen other artists do.
Just had to get that off my chest.

Musicians? Comics? NOT ON MY LAWN!!!

Eh, Umbrella Academy was awesome despite my initial distaste.

I’ll give it a chance before judging. Being shitty at one thing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re shitty at another.

buts it pete wentz… COME ON

Gerard Way actually wrote a comic, though. Pete Wentz is “conceiving” the “idea.”

“‘conceiving’ the ‘idea'”?


Screw that!

You guys are so…ugh…I don’t know.

Pete Wentz wrote a kids book way back before Fall Out Boy were famous. The drummer of his band is a HUGE comics fan, and Pete grew up on comics, old cartoons, and nerdy stuff. The dude’s got one Hell of a creative mind, and if you were famous and had the chance to be part of something like this, don’t even act like you wouldn’t take it.

And calling people “emos” is way too 2006.

God bless the misinformed.

The way I look at it, if some fan of Pete’s picks up a comic book for the first time because of his involvement, it’s one more new reader to the medium. And that, ladies and germs, is a good thing. Now if it’s crap and no one reads it, then we can all piss and moan and say “I told you it would suck.” I would say Brett Lewis is pretty savvy to attach his name to a high profile gig, it may open other creative doors down the road–granted similar doors his own standalone work would have opened, but this way the doors may open more quickly… or not.

Devyn Rodriguez

June 4, 2009 at 8:26 pm

Love fall out boy, but if hes not bothering to write it, I’m not bothering to buy it.

That being said he is one of my favorite songwriters in recent years.

Wow, so new readers getting into comics is a bad thing? Oh yeah, but then that takes away how ‘special’ it is right? God, some people make me sick to be associated with the fandom of comics. “It’s my special thing and now people are gonna come along and act like they know and they’re EMO!” well you’re a nerd. Get over it.
Hah, a day when a nerd has the audacity to call some one else emo. I remember getting picked on for reading comics and here you people are shying people away from it? Grow the hell up.

I for one like Pete Wentz’ s lyrical prowess, say what you will about the music but the lyrics are great. Then again these same people bashed Umbrella Academy before it became one of the best comics of the year, so Ill just wait for half of you to put your giant foot in your collective mouths.

As well unlike Way, Wentz doesn’t have the free time to write a comic. He has a newborn kid and a band that’s touring full time. In fact, he didnt even want to tour but had to since he’s the face of the band. How is he going to take the time to write a comic on top of it? And if he did write it and it was bad you’d just jump on him for that. Maybe he has the sense to stick to writing lyrics and understands that even novelists have a hard time grasping the pacing of a comic. So he’s plotting and having some one else write it. That’s been done before. Stop acting like the uniformed people you seem intent on bashing and actually think for once.

Living Silver

June 5, 2009 at 4:36 pm

Geezus listen to all of the WHINERS. It’s Image Comics folks: ANYONE can submit a comic to them, just go here: If Eric Stephenson thinks it will sell, then it gets made.

Personally, I think Toyworks sounds like a cool idea. I didn’t think Umbrella Academy was going to be very special, but it was awesome. So i’m waiting before making any judgement calls.

This seems like the most crass, irritating thing in the world.

I’ll draw a line in the sand over comparing this to the Umbrella Academy. Yes, both are comics spawned by musicians, specifically in the rock/emo/whatever field. The similarities end there. First off, Gerard Way started off as a comic book/animation artist before he was even in MCR and has been very open about his love of comics and his influences, which are generally pretty respectable (he keeps dropping Morrison’s Doom Patrol).

Plus there’s the big one: Gerard Way WROTE the Umbrella Academy. Wrote it pretty well I’d say, but the point being that there was a degree of love and effort that went into it. Pete Wentz can “conceive” the “idea” until the cows come home, but all that means he has to do is scribbles out some basic plot/characterization on a cocktail napkin then farm it out to some other schmuck to do the heavy lifting. Gerard Way proved that, just because you’re an immensely successful rockstar, doesn’t mean you can’t take the time and sit your ass down to do a comic yourself (and one that was published almost always on schedule too! Dudes who write comics FOR A LIVING can’t even seem to do that! ::coughcoughMARK MILLERcough::)

Another difference is that the Umbrella Academy has, to my knowledge, nothing to do with the band MCR other than having Gerard Way as an author. This thing is, “loosely based on the Fall Out Boy song “Tiffany Blews” and will focus on “a mysterious toymaker, a cyborg gal named Tiffany and a kid in a bear suit that looks lifted from the cover of Fall Out Boy’s Folie á Deux,” their latest album released last year.”

Say it with me kids: this comic is entirely in service of drumming up and/or capitalizing on interest for their most recent album.

I couldn’t give two shits about whether or not the drummer in FOB is a big comic book fan or if Pete Wentz is a “geek.” There’s been nothing so far that I’ve seen that makes it seems like he has ever been qualified or even interested in doing a comic other than to cash in on FOB’s success. This is about as respectable as buying an FOB sweatband at one of their concerts.

If you must compare it to something, compare it to the pretty insufferable Coheed and Cambria comics that were produced (though, if I recall correctly, those were at least co-authored by the guy in the band) “in service” of telling the story from their albums. though i guess they’re a “concept” band and that the narrative has always been a big part of their music. so more accurate would be comparing it to all the KISS spin-off comics, “sanctioned” by the band and crassly marketed to idiots who think that just because the band is good, the comics will be too.

Sorry for the rant, but all the Umbrella Academy comparisons were driving me nuts. In spite of the buzz surrounding it, UA was always more respectable an endeavor than this “conceiving” bullshit.

Hm, interesting. I’ll start of by commenting that just because Wentz’s love for comics may not be as publicised as Way’s, does not give him any less of a right to create one. And also, I am neither a huge fan of both bands, but I have done some background homework in checking this out. Gerard is a skilled artist. Heck, I’d buy a comic illustrated entirely by him even if it had a crappy storyline. The man has an eye for comics. Pete on the other hand, this could be something he wants to do. He’s got decent lyrics, he’s got a creative mind. All I can say is that if I had the fame and the means, I would create a comic myself, regardless of backlask on little internet forums. At least I’d be gaining something from it, depending on what it is exactly I want from it.
Meh, there have been worse comics than what this seems to look like. The Umbrella Academy and Fall Out Toy Works seems to be on completely different pages. For one, the Umbrella Academy seems to be in an entirely opposite genre in terms of drawing style and storyline. It’s just something for the fans. Too bad many other bands don’t give that much of a shit. I’m going to give it a go when it’s released. If it’s shit, I’ll say so. If it’s good, then it’s good and we can all rest until the next musician comic comes out for us to scrutinise.

Give the guy a break. He can do whatever he wants. He’s not forcing you to read it. Jeez. Let him write a comic book if he wants to. You’re just jealous you can’t write one. :P

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