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For the Steve Rogers fan who has everything (except a bloody T-shirt)

"Captain America: Reborn" T-shirt

"Captain America: Reborn" T-shirt

What better way is there to celebrate the return of Steve Rogers in July’s Captain America: Reborn than with a T-shirt … splattered with red ink … that, um, evokes the character’s supposed assassination more than two years ago?

But hey! Look at that John Cassaday art! (And the blood. My lord, the blood.)  The $18 shirt — a “Dads & Grads” gift idea — is available exclusively from the Official Marvel Shop.

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Blue makes me look sickly and washed-out.

I mean more than usual…

Am I the only one who thinks the scale-mail on Captain America’s costume has gotten way, way too exaggerated? Sure, it looked cool the first few times, but this is ridiculous. He looks like the friggin’ Porcupine in that drawing.

Wow, that’s simply… hideous.

That’s got to be the shittiest looking mess of a t-shirt I’ve ever seen! How much of a retarded fanboy do you have to be to even consider wearing something like this? Marvel sucks harder than a black hole.

Agree with the comments above. This is one ugly mess of a shirt. I actually would buy a Cap shirt, but this looks like it should be on the sale rack at a truck stop.

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