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Iron Fist and Runaways won’t be joining Captain Britain quite yet

Runaways #11

Runaways #11

While responding to a question about Marvel’s recent cancellation of Captain Britain and MI13, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort ended up sparking some concerns about the fates of two other titles.

When asked Friday on his blog why the company couldn’t continue publishing a low-selling yet high-quality comic like Captain Britain, Brevoort responded, in part: “… Any one book being unprofitable isn’t enough to break Marvel, but the question is, where do you draw the line? If we keep Captain Britain going, then shouldn’t we also keep Runaways going? Or Iron Fist? Or Spider-Girl? Or any of a number of other titles that have hit this level despite a dedicated and loyal core audience. At the end of the day, Marvel is a business — if we don’t make money, they come around and turn all the lights out. Every series in our publishing line needs to earn its keep in one way or another. If it’s a property we really believe in, we may run a given series into the red for awhile to see if we can’t find a way to turn it around, but we simply cannot do that on every title that garners critical acclaim.”

The inclusion of Runaways and The Immortal Iron Fist among the newly canceled and the, let’s call it, “recently repackaged” led some to wonder whether Brevoort had just dropped a bombshell.

Runaways is canceled?” one commenter posted. “I think that’s news.” We received an email over the weekend wondering the same thing.

No, a Marvel spokesman tells Robot 6, they’re not canceled: Runaways lives and Iron Fist is “officially on hiatus while Immortal Weapons runs through the end of 2009.”

According to’s estimates for April, The Immortal Iron Fist #25 sold about 22,300 copies, followed by Captain Britain with just less than 20,000 and Runaways with 19,850.

Talk of Iron Fist‘s cancellation began in March when a version of Marvel’s June solicitations circulated referring to Issue 27 as the “landmark final issue.” The text was quickly removed.

A short time later Marvel announced the title would go on hiatus beginning in July and temporarily be replaced by Immortal Weapons, a five-issue miniseries spotlighting the deadly champions introduced in “The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven” story arc.

Runaways, of course, has been canceled and relaunched a couple of times. The new creative team of Kathryn Immonen and Sarah Pichelli take over volume 3 of the series with June’s Issue 11.

And Captain Britain was the subject of an earlier scare when it was erroneously announced in January that the titled had been canceled. Less than three months later, Marvel let the ax fall.



I fear for Runaways. I hope the new team can do well and turn it around after Moore’s lack luster run. I think Runaways is a bit more protected because it does so well in trades/digests and is very popular with libraries and school librarians. I know our Middle School can’t keep the volumes on the shelf and they have a few of each copy.

Careless talk costs titles…

Yeah, I wonder how many people will leave Iron Fist and Runaway behind now that they have been “erroneously” marked as cancelled.

In this economy, it is more likely that people will go ahead and drop them now that they are perceived as in danger rather than rally and not only hang on but try to expand the readership.

Oh well, it’s about time for Runaways to go anyway. If you count all versions, it has run over 50 issues, which is a decent run these days. And Iron Fist, well, he’s never been successful on his own, so getting over 2 years is probably more than most fans had hoped for.

One last question, is Moon Knight cancelled as well?

“Yeah, I wonder how many people will leave Iron Fist and Runaway…”

I left Iron Fist and ran away a long time ago. ;-)

Runaways is a great book. I’m going to be shocked and deeply disappointed with Marvel if they cancel it. It is in fact the last series I’m still collecting from them, now that the Ultimate verse has had the ax taken to it.

iron fist is one of best marvel has if it gets canned im going to pissed

be pissed

I miss the days of going bimonthly before full cancellation. Different era, different economy, unfortunately.

The LCS talk of Captain Britian and MI13 being axed at round issue 3 or 4 led to me dropping the series, but I went on for a while longer just to get the ax. Ironfist and Runaways can fade away as far as I am concerned, both series ended when Vaughn, and Fraction left.

well i will say runways new run has been rather horrible… just like the last Arc of volume 2!!!!!!!! but Iron Fist in my opinion has been real good from issue 1

I loved ‘Strangers in Paradise’ and I’m enjoying ‘Echo’ but I could barely stomach ‘Runaways’ volume 3. In truth, Moore may have written a great run but – and I know I’m probably WAY in the minority here – I wouldn’t know because I absolutely abhorred the artwork. I can’t think of any of Humberto Ramos’ work that I’ve liked except maybe ‘Revelations’, and it was more tolerated for the sake of the Paul Jenkins script than actually ‘liked’. As with most Ramos’ work, when reading ‘Runaways’, I had trouble telling one character from another and the stylization and posturing killed any pretense of ‘action’. Frankly, I felt like I was in a Speed Racer Moebius strip. I dropped it after issue 3.

Iron Fist has been fantastic the whole way through and I would be really pissed too if the series is canceled. . The transition from Fraction and Brubaker to Swierczynski was surprisingly seamless and I dig the new artist. Glad that Swierczynski is at least doing back-ups in the Immortal Weapons mini.


Same here. I started to get vol. 3 due to love of the characters, but apparently my love wasn’t strong enough to survive Ramos’s artwork.

Most of the comments her are right, Iron Fist is so good and different to the normal run of the mill superhero stuff. It is the best title on the stands, how do we get more sales though? Please let it continue after the Immortal Weapons one shots.

Runaways hasn’t been really good since Vaughn left. Whedon wasn’t bad but he wasn’t great either and Moore’s run was tolerable but ruined by the art. The book has been on a steady decline, but I’m hoping the new team can inject some life back into the title.

I was one of the people who almost dropped Iron Fist after Fraction left, but I kept getting it. While the first arc wasn’t much to write home about the series has picked up alot since and it has reached levels close to the Fraction days.

Runaways has been to inconsistent to be a regular purchase but after reading the latest issue online, i had to buy a copy off ebay. It was hilarious and adorable! If I could be sure that every issue was that good,I’d be buying it every month.

Honestly I don’t expect Iron Fist to come back. I dropped the book due to money shortage earlier this year. Did the same with Runaways but ironically I picked it back up because I heard the cancellation rumors and since I have every issue of Runaways I figured I should keep getting it until the end.

Aren’t we paying an extra $1 for Dark Avengers so Marvel can still publish Iron Fist, Capt Brit and Moon Knight?

I also wonder how much movies have to do with it. Both Iron Fist and Runaways have been optioned for movies. Isn’t Vaughn actually working on the script for the Runaways movie? So there’s that bonus for trying to keep these comics in print. But there was never going to be a Captain Britain and MI-13 movie. And while the series is great, the numbers had been freefalling for more than a year. I’m annoyed it was cancelled, but I can’t blame Marvel for it.

Actually, I can blame them for one thing…I think they did themselves harm in how slow they were to get the tpbs out on Captain Britain and how poorly packaged they were. The first one had four issues of the regular series and two reprints of an old Marvel Team-Up. The second trade isn’t out yet. For low selling series like this, you need to see if the trades can support it when the individual issues won’t. And they never really gave Captain Britain a chance.

I’d urge people to go out and buy the latest Runaways issue, released just last week. In the main feature, Chris Yost writes probably the best take on the characters since Vaughan himself. Artist Sara Pichelli offers up a style which is both reminisent of Takeshi Miyazawa’s manga-influenced style, yet also distictly her own – for a preview. The X-Men (written with equal skill and care) are featured, as well as their latest stomping ground – critiqued brilliantly by the unimpressed Chase – and the issue’s a completely self contained narrative which even adds to the overall mythology of the The Pride.

James Asmus (W) and Emmas Rios (A) provide a perfect piece of seemingly honest truth-or-dare nostagia in a back-up feature that ought to have been expanded to 22 pages, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work perfectly well in its constrained context. The art for this feature is, incidently, the most visually enthralling i’ve seen in a Marvel book for quite a while, and this pair really should to be on the Runaways back-ups month-in-month-out.

All said, issue 10 is the best Runaways has been in a while. Kathryn Immonen’s run (beginning next issue), while deservedly anticipated thanks to an excellent Hellcat mini, already has a lot to live up to.

They better not cancel “Runaways” anytime soon. Moore’s run may not have been the best but it was far from bad.

But Captain Britain is soooooo much better than Iron Fist and Runaways have been recently. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of these books, I’d love to see Marvel continue to keep publishing all of them and keep giving them wonderful creative teams but CB/MI:13 is the best book Marvel is publishing right now, while the current creative teams of Iron Fist and Runaways are just kinda treading water. I love Terry Moore but Runaways doesn’t have the edge or the verve that it used to, and Iron Fist too is, y’know, it’s a well-told story and it’s certainly worth the price tag for it’s fan but I don’t know that it’s really contributing anything urgently unique and exciting to the Marvel Universe like Cornell’s book is.

I was so grateful for all the faith Quesada and company put in Runaways, and all the publicity they put behind it when Vaughan was still at the helm… but CB/MI:13 is now what Runaways was then. THAT’s the bug they’ve got to be plugging, instead of sentimentally holding now to the book that was hot and fresh 5 years ago.

er… meant to say “that’s the book,” not “that’s the bug…” wtf?

“Aren’t we paying an extra $1 for Dark Avengers so Marvel can still publish Iron Fist, Capt Brit and Moon Knight?”

No, you’re paying an extra $1 so they can make more money.

What I want to know is, if CB&MI13 was actually *losing* money (as opposed to “just not making as much money as Marvel would like), then how do all the series below it survive?

Man If they cancel Runaways I am going to be pissed. Hell I think my first two paychecks will go to buying all the other volumes left, just so they can keep it going, When the series first started, Vaughn did an amazing job, sadly he left, and Whendon took over not as great as Vaughn, but still charming. When Moore came in, the arc just dragged on, an evil DJ!? WTF!? Not to mention the art by Humberto, What the hell was that? It made the series style downgrade, Im pretty sure Humberto is a good artist, but for this series, the bar was set. I hope the new team can re-invent the series, if not, it’s bye, bye Runaways… AGAIN!!!

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