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It’s the ‘Let’s Go’ for message board posters

At Comixology, Shaenon K. Garrity presents her “Half-Assed Guide to Comic Book Message Boards,” where she painfully, but hilariously and rather accurately breaks down the various places one can go to gripe about ‘One More Day’ or how they don’t ‘get’ manga. Here’s her take on the Comics Journal’s board:

The most necrotic section of the board is the “Comics Journal” section itself, where people only post to bitch that their subscription copies are late. Many TCJ subscribers seem to be under the impression that Gary Groth runs not just Fantagraphics but the U.S. Postal Service from his basement. They get really pissed. No one ever posts about the content of the magazine itself, proving that not even the most hardcore fans of The Comics Journal read The Comics Journal.

Ouch. She also demolishes Comicon, Newsarama and, of course, Byrne Robotics, though, oddly enough, CBR seems to stay out her sights. Perhaps a sequel is in order.



All of it is pretty much dead on, too. Great read.

The Ugly American

June 22, 2009 at 11:19 am

She ignored reviewing blog comments to simply focus on the forums, I see.

The only thing she got wrong was that DOES have a message board, and has ever since I started reading comics again a few years ago. So maybe she didn’t even bother to check to see if it went back up?
Otherwise it’s a hilarious read.

“She ignored reviewing blog comments to simply focus on the forums, I see.”

You can do one without doing the other. Maybe she’s saving that for a sequel.

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