Robot 6 streaming The Maxx cartoons has started streaming The Maxx, the cartoon adaptation of the comics by Sam Kieth published by Image Comics back in the 1990s. The first six episodes are up now, featuring Julie, Mr. Gone, Sarah and the always creepy, eyeless Isz.



Why is the Maxx not available to own on DVD. My beat up VCR is going to give out any day now.

They do have torrents of it.

I feel that should read: The Maxx by Sam Kieth & Bill Messner-Loebs, don’t you?
Sorry to nitpick, but once Bill left that title, I sorta noticed.

What has taught me over the past 20 minutes:

Get this MTV credit card
Buy these condoms
Don’t smoke pot.
The Maxx was a tremendous series and cartoon.

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