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Robinson, Bagley named JLA creative team

Mark Bagley's Justice League

Mark Bagley's Justice League

DC Comics announced on their Source blog today that James Robinson and Mark Bagley will take over the flagship Justice League title in October.

Robinson, of course, is no stranger to the franchise, having written the upcoming Cry for Justice mini-series that features a spin-off team led by Hal Jordan and Green Arrow. And Bagley just wrapped up a 52-issue stint on Trinity, which featured, well, just about everybody in the DC universe.

“It’s a thrill to be given the reins of DC’s flagship team book and to know that my partner in crime(fighting) will be the esteemed Mark Bagley who’s dynamic storytelling skills I intend to make full use of,” Robinson said. “It’s further exciting/gratifying for me that I can dove-tail the events of Cry For Justice into the main book where post-Blackest Night will emerge a new team and a new exciting direction as they get caught up in the next wave of events building throughout the DCU.”

Robinson replaces regular writer Dwayne McDuffie, whose last issue was #33. As we noted at the end of May, McDuffie was fired from the series. A story by Len Wein is currently running in the title.



I don’t know what to say. I was hoping for Geoff Johns, there was that rumor. Looking at the cover, that cannot be the cover to the first issue. I have to say is that the book needs: a better cover for Robinson’s first issue, and a better condensed lineup. I guess we have to find out what the first issue is all about, and see if anything from Cry For Justice connects to it. As we all know it is thats eries, and us, that must’ve got DC’s attention to hire Robinson from JL to JLA.

This is great news for the DC and JLA fans out there but not being one myself, I’m sad to see that Bagley is still sticking around the DC Universe. What was the length of his contract? I sure hope he returns to Marvel after his contract is up but, in the meantime, I will be checking this out via TPB as I’m sure the art will blow me away (I only say the art because I’ve actually never read anything by Robinson).

Good news. Here’s hoping Mr. Robinson will be allowed to get some momentum behind his own stories without events and tie-ins chopping things up.

Awesome news! JLA has always been my favorite book, and now hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it again. I was really looking forward to Cry for Justice as an ongoing, though. Here’s a thought: what about having the team from this mini-series as a co-feature in the regular JLA book? That would definitely be something I’d be willing to pay an extra buck for!

I’m glad to see Mark Bagley on another title. He’s a great artist and the Trinity story was pure crap. Here’s hoping for a better JLA!

Love me some Bags, but man, that guy wasn’t born to draw DC characters…

Bagley will do a great job on this. Sad, though, that we’ll have such a top flight artist and top flight writer on a book without the Big Three yet again…when will the Powers That Be learn??

A great fit for art: a guy who can and has drawn everyone in the DC and can do it on time.
Robinson is a great writer who can get a lot out of very little. Let’s hope some stability will come to the JLA in October.

btw How long until I can start looking for this story?
“Dan Didio announces James Robinson will be leaving JLA…”

Let me read Cry for Justice before I get all excited over this one.

Also, Looks like Dan “Blew his Announcement Load” by leaking this one out early before Heroes’ Con or Philly Wizard World….

makes sense. With McDuffie gone the 2 JLA plan is shot to hell, so getting Robinson to make one big JLA.

also I love Bagley

we’ll see what happens… still sucks that Mcduffie’s gone..

members needed: vixen, john stewart, firestorm (rusch), Hardware, Wise Son, Black Lightning..

Excellent news!!!

Just keep Hal’s team with the possible additions of Zatanna and Black canary from the current team, and you have a team worth reading!

Mysterious Stranger

June 18, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Wish this would have come out last week. I’d have hounded Robinson for spoilers when I saw him at the Earth-2 opening.

As noted above, here’s hoping Robinson gets to actually write the book and not just connect dots between company-wide crossovers…

**** me… Robinson’s awkward dialogue is spoiling superman for me. Damn it why him :(
Well another book off the pull list now. But thanks to bagley the book will never be hounded by delays.

It looks good – and I like Bagley so him staying with DC is a plus for me.

Bagley is okay. I’m not a huge fan of his art but at least he delivers on time. Robinson’s Starman is the series that brought me back to comics. I’m hoping he will somehow work his magic on the JLA. I’m picking up Cry For Justice so it’s good to see that it will now become an ongoing of sorts as it was first mentioned. Some readers even wanted this series to replace the current JLA book, so they should be quite happy now.

Will there be any rape, murder or gay sex in this series? That’s the only reason I buy comics now.


Bagely’s Bolts, not whatever Civil War Secret Invasion Norman Osborn-Lite thing they is doin’ now!

June 18, 2009 at 11:57 am
we’ll see what happens… still sucks that Mcduffie’s gone..
members needed: vixen, john stewart, firestorm (rusch), Hardware, Wise Son, Black Lightning..”
Uhuh, as if this would happen or make any sense at all.

Well anyway, Bags and Robinson should be a great Combo and , if DC’s Editorial really let’s Robinson write his stories, should provide a goodlooking book, with a great story, on time.
To be honest somehow I don’t see editorial interfering with Robinson on the same scale they did with McDuffie, he seems to have a different status.

I’m not a fan of that style of inking, though I’m curious to see Bagley on JLA.

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