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That Rafael Grampá sure can draw

Character design from "Furry Water," by Rafael Grampá

Character design from "Furry Water," by Rafael Grampá

The amazingly talented Rafael Grampá (Mesmo Delivery, 5) shows off the first of his character designs for a project he’s working on with co-writer Daniel Pellizzari called Furry Water.

They plan to officially announce the title, and its American publisher, in July at Comic-Con International.



Wow!!WOW!!! Incredible!!! Instant success! Can´t wait.

HOLY SHIT! Grampa´s art is AMAZING! I just can’t get enough of his work.

I’m trying to figure out how Rafael Grampa is an anagram for “Frank Quitely,” but I just can’t get it.

It’s because “Frank Quitely” is already an anagram for “Moebius”! Rafael Grampa could be an anagram for “Awesomeness”!

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