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Ex Men

Ex Men

Dan Piraro, creator of the comic strip Bizarro, talks about the strip that ran this past Sunday — “Ex Men” — and how he regrets the strip about men estranged from their families ran on Father’s Day.

“So I’d like to apologize to any estranged fathers out there who found this cartoon to be painful,” he wrote on his blog. “I got divorced in the mid-nineties when my daughters were 9 and 14, so I know it can be tough. On the bright side, it probably isn’t a tough as being a huge, blue furry guy with a face like a baboon’s ass. So count your blessings.”



The Ugly American

June 23, 2009 at 8:18 am

I thought Beast wasn’t into the ladies.

Beast has always been into the ladies.

Ladies are into the Beast :D

What better day to warn young men about the dangers of marriage? ;)

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