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Watchmen director’s cut in theaters this July [Updated]



A rep for Warner Bros. dropped us some information on the Watchmen film, which will return to theaters in July — only this time, it will be the director’s cut — “Zack Snyder’s full interpretation,” which will include deleted scenes. It is about 24 minutes longer, clocking in at a little more than three hours.

It’ll only be showing in four different cities July 17-23:

  • AMC Empire 25, 234 W. 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036
  • AMC Media Plaza 6 (AKA Town Center 6), 770 N. 1st Street, Burbank, CA 91501
  • AMC Mesquite 30, 19919 IH 635, Mesquite, TX 75149
  • Kerasotes Block E 15 Theaters, 600 Hennepin Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55403

Update, July 2: Due to scheduling difficulties, Warner Bros. sent over a new list of theaters that will be showing Watchmen in the four cities. Also note the date change for Texas:

Mann’s Chinese 6 Theater July 17th – 23rd
6801 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA. 90028
Bypass # 323-461-9624

Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema July 17th – 23rd
143 East Houston St.
New York, NY. 10002
Bypass # 212-358-0573

Carmike Cinema 15 – July 17th – 23rd
15630 Cedar Ave.
Apple Valley, MN. 55124
Bypass # 952-431-4859

Rave Motion Pictures Hickory Creek 16 – July 17th – 20th
8380 S. Stemmons
Hickory Creek, TX. 76205
Bypass # 940-321-2836

Note that the film’s release will coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con (July 22-26). If you’re getting to San Diego early and really want to see the extended film, the drive to Burbank may be worth it. (Although driving through L.A. really sucks, so be prepared).

Also, Watchmen is set to come out on DVD and Blu-Ray July 21. The Hollywood Reporter has more information on a screening at the San Diego Comic-Con and how they’re using Blu-Ray voodoo to allow you to participate in the screening and panel from your living room.



I’m just going to wait for the DVD.

More minutes will not solve the problems of this movie.

from the director that brought you half-naked, oiled, bodybuilders with spears!

“Note that the film’s release will coincide with the San Diego Comic-Con (July 22-26).”

Why not show it in San Diego?! Is Comic-Con the wrong demographic?! Stupid

“Following the release, the director’s cut will be screened July 25th at Comic-Con at an event that is designed to be a BD-Live event, allowing any viewer in North America to watch the film along with the Comic-Con audience, and hear director Zack Snyder’s comments, and even ask questions.”

Tracy, I’m pretty sure they are going to have a free screening at Comic-Con this year and I think it might actually include a live panel with Zack Synder . . . just google Watchmen Screening at San Diego Comic con and you’ll get a bunch of articles!

I added a link to additional info on the Watchmen/San Diego plans.

Personally I cant wait. I was one who thought Zack Syder did and great job. When you consider the length and complexity of the story. and the anticipation come on! Fanboys were looking for anything to Bitch about after all thats what they do best! Hopefully Rorshach will have more screem time in this cut. So stop whining already when you know you gonna go see it! Whaaaaa Booo f…..King HOO!

Please have a showing in the economic wasteland of the nation, otherwise known as Michigan.

michael is dead?

Wow… 24 more minutes of our lives that we’ll never get back!!!

No thanks Zack… You should make football movies or something.

The Watchmen film has about as much gravitas and integrity as the Muppet Babies.

I liked the movie a lot and hope the extended version comes to Albuquerque. I may invest in a bluray player and HDTV to buy the bluray version, too. Yep, I’m an aging fanwoman… and proud of it!

Mysterious Stranger

June 27, 2009 at 7:44 am

Wow. The Burbank AMC 6? Really? When the much larger (and fake IMAX equipped) AMC 16 is just 2 blocks away? Weird decision there. The 16 is where a lot of the Burbank studios do their employee screenings so the move to the 6 is just baffling. Unless they don’t want to take away from Harry Potter and the whatever of blahblahblah. Ya know what? I think I just answered my own question.

And I’m not sure the 2-4 hour drive (depending on L.A. traffic) from San Diego is worth it for this. You’re looking at a whole day right there away from SDCC just to see a movie on a somewhat small screen. If you’re in San Diego and want to see this film try to get in on the screening there.


July 1, 2009 at 1:19 pm

Mysterious Stranger:

just called the Burbank 6 to see when i could pre order tickets. they said that they weren’t showing it. they said it would probably be at the Burbank 16 which would make more sense. havent called them yet. could be bullshit though.

I just heard from Warner Bros.; they’re sending over an update on what theaters will be showing the movie. I’ll post it as soon as I get it.

so i was at the Mann chinese 6 at LA yesterday to pre-order tickets and the box office didnt know what i was talking about. she said that the movie wasnt in their system! whats goin on? the movie supposed to play next weekend. whats the deal?

i also called their customer service. and they also didnt know about the movie either. they said it wasnt in their system.

is this still happening?

I’m with you, Hank.
I’ve been on a quest to try and get tickets for this thing for weeks. I live in Phoenix but am completely willing to drive to LA for this. First it was a hassle even finding out which theater it was going to be at. Then with the news about the Mann’s Chinese, I called them. They gave me the same “I don’t know what you’re talking about” spiel they gave you. They said to check the Monday before. That’s today, and go figure: They still don’t know.
How ridiculous to not even know what film your theater will be playing 4 DAYS AHEAD!
I really wanted to get a ticket for this before it sold out but now I’m on the verge of giving up. Maybe they’ll know by Friday when it gets added to the marquee and I can take a last minute trip to LA (if I can even get a ticket.)
This is poorly organized and sad.

I just called again. She said they should be available for sale on the website either tonight or tomorrow morning for sure.

Just like Hank and Joshua, I’ve been wondering when this whole L.A. screening is going to come together. It’s coming down to the wire for getting concrete information and a chance to snag some tickets (maybe that’s the point? Ensure they get every ticket sold? I don’t know).

I’m only heading down to L.A. if I get those free tickets mentioned on Fandango, seeing as I’m 6 hours away in Napa. If not, I’ve got the Director’s Cut pre-ordered at Best Buy (I’m a sucker for “free” pins haha).

Hopefully things start surfacing asap. I’d love to see this in theaters.

Just called the theater again after not seeing them available in the morning. The guy said they should be up on the website in an hour. I’ll post again if I end up getting them.

The tickets are now on sale through
The listing doesn’t say ‘director’s cut’ and the running time is for the regular version but I called to confirm and they said that the only version of watchmen they are playing this weekend is the director’s cut.
See you there.

I was planning to hit the Minneapolis (Apple Valley, actually) show on Thursday the 23rd, but was just told by the theater that they’re only showing it through Tuesday the 21st.

I don’t know if that’s because of the theater’s schedule or Comic-Con or because the DVD’s coming out that day, but I won’t be seeing it now.

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