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When times get tough, the superheroes get real



The recession can be blamed for any number of things, ranging from home foreclosures to layoffs to business closings. Now add to that list the rise of real-life superheroes.

CNN reports that the dismal economic environment is leading more people to don masks in an effort to help their communities and fight crime.

Ben Goldman of Superheroes Anonymous estimates there are somewhere between 250 and 300 real-life superheroes worldwide, up from around 200 just last summer.

“A lot of them have gone through a sort of existential crisis and have had to discover who they are,” Goldman tells CNN.

Of course as we, and Shadow Hare, have learned, more supervillains are discovering who they are, too.

But Stan Lee, for one, sees the increase in real-life superheroes as a positive sign.

“I think it’s a good thing that people are eager enough to want to help their community,” he says. “They think to do it is to emulate the superheroes. Now if they had said they had super powers [that would be another thing].”

They don’t have super powers yet, but they do have BattleSuits. And, in the case of Rochester, Minnesota’s Geist, bolas.



Charles Raymond

June 4, 2009 at 12:10 pm

I am sorry but for these people to call themselves heroes is a insult to all of the real heroes in the world.

These people need to grow up and start living in reality.

2 words: Kick Ass!

what real heroes? its a literary figure. real people aren’t heroes and don’t give me that policemen, firemen, soldiers crap. the police are a nightmare of corruption at the best the just protect rich people from poor people. soldiers are just kids who need jobs and military is hiring, they are heroes they are victims turned into killing machines. and firefighters…well i can’t criticize these guys much except that they do get paid and women love firefighters so im having trouble feeling to bad for them. so no i dont think RLS are an insult to are heroes they just point out that our “heroes” are as bullshit as they are

Thanks guys.

-And Charles, we really DO live in reality. And that’s why we feel the need to step up and attempt to change it for the better. It might seem like a strange and eccentric method to be proactive, but at least we’re making an honest effort to help society. Too many people are content to watch their neighborhoods and cities become havens for crime and hopelessness. We’re not going to let that happen.

And heck, if a regular person notices me helping others in need, then maybe they’ll be inspired to do something extra for someone else without putting on a goofy costume. Or maybe I’ll make some kids smile and believe that there really ARE heroes in this world, whether I’m worthy of being called that or not (- I might agree with you there). It’s all good.

Take care.

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