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With an announcement, Marvel ends Captain America speculation [Updated]

Reborn #1, by John Cassaday

Reborn #1, by John Cassaday

Two years of anticipation, and months of speculation, end today with the unprecedented early release of Captain America #600, and an article the New York Daily News.

Warning: This post contains spoilers, obviously.

Yes, the original Captain America is returning from the grave.

Marvel just doesn’t say how.

Captain America #600

Captain America #600

The announcement may seem a little anticlimactic after the highly publicized death of Steve Rogers in March 2007 and, much more recently, rumors that this week’s issue and July’s secretive Reborn miniseries could bring a black Captain America or an alternate-universe Sentinel of Liberty.

But in the Daily News article, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada makes it clear we’ll see Rogers.

“The original Captain America is finally coming back,” he said. “We’ve been patiently planning for this moment for 2 1/2 years.”

Rogers, of course, was gunned down in Captain America #25, an event that drew worldwide media attention. Former sidekick-turned-Soviet assassin James “Bucky” Barnes assumed the mantle of Captain America nine issues later. Neither Quesada nor writer Ed Brubaker mention what will become of him.

"Reborn" teaser

"Reborn" teaser

Marvel has kept the contents of Captain America #600 and Reborn under wraps, to the point that the publisher frustrated some retailers, who complained they weren’t given enough information on which to base orders for the July miniseries. Initially, the final-order cutoff date for Reborn #1, by Brubaker and artist Bryan Hitch, was June 11; Marvel eventually moved it to tomorrow to allow retailers to gauge interest in today’s announcement.

The company had told retailers that it expected nationwide publicity, “possibly on par with the media coverage we received during Civil War.”

It will be at least several more hours before we know whether that will play out.

Update: Todd Allen points out that the Daily News neglects to mention Captain America #600 — or that it’s available in some comic stores today.

Reborn #1 -- Alex Ross variant

Reborn #1 -- Alex Ross variant

Update 2: Marvel has followed up the announcement with its own quote-filled article about the return of Steve Rogers, and a minisite dedicated to July’s Reborn.

On the Marvel website, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort reveals some of the supporting cast for the five-issue miniseries, while Brubaker hints at what the immediate future will hold for Bucky Barnes.

“[Bucky] has spent a year of his life trying to live up to Steve Rogers’ legacy as Captain America, and while he definitely does things his own way, he’s been changed by this experience,” the writer says.. “He’s been on a path of redemption for all the things he did as the Winter Soldier did, and now he’s got a huge task ahead of him: to try to save Steve.”

Reborn, by Brubaker and artist Bryan Hitch, debuts on July 1.

Update 3: Marvel has issued the following press release:


The one true Captain America, Steve Rogers, returns in

Captain America Reborn #1

Five-Issue Series Chronicling the Return Begins July 1, 2009

New York, NY (June 15, 2009) -It was the shot heard ’round the world. Following the most shocking and controversial event in comic book history – the assassination of Captain America in the pages of Captain America #25 – neither the heroes of the Marvel Universe nor the rest of the world have quite come to grips with this most traumatic of losses. From the moment he was taken from us until today, one fact has proven to be true: the world still needs Captain America. And now, the time has come! At long last, the legend, the hero, is back. Steve Rogers makes his triumphant return from the grave in the publishing event of the year: Captain America Reborn, a five part series from Marvel Comics beginning this July.

Long seen as the world’s greatest hero, Captain America made his first appearance in March, 1941, boldly fighting the Nazis in World War II. As a symbol of true patriotism, his popularity soared during the war as he became a nationally revered icon of US efforts to spread freedom around the globe. Serving as the Sentinel of Liberty for nearly 70 years, Cap embodied the spirit of the American people and became one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable characters. His death rocked the entire world, real and fictional, and his return from the grave promises to be a landmark event as well.

Story continues below

The recipient of two Eisner Awards for his tale about the life and death of Captain America, Ed Brubaker joins forces with acclaimed Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch for the landmark Captain America Reborn series. This partnership promises to produce the visually arresting, action packed story that fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating.

A story that captured international attention, Captain America #25 polarized shocked audiences by starkly depicting the murder the cultural icon. On that fateful day when shots rang out on the courthouse steps, Cap’s greatest enemy-the Red Skull– achieved his greatest ambition-or so it seemed. Since that time, the Marvel Universe has been in chaos, as as the Red Skull has worked towards his true endgame. But now there is a ray of hope in the form of Steve Rogers!

How can Steve Rogers return from the dead, and will his rebirth be enough to stop the global threat of his sworn enemy? Hitting shelves on July 1st, the special five part series Captain America Reborn finally reveals the true scope of the Red Skull’s nefarious plan, and begins Captain America’s triumphant return.

For fans of Captain America and those wanting to own a part of this historic  oment in Marvel history, visit your local comic book retailer on July 1, 2009 to purchase Captain America Reborn #1. To learn more about this  landmark event, go to! To find a comic book retailer near you, visit or call 888-COMICBOOK. And be sure to pick up Captain America #600, on sale this week, as the road to Reborn begins!




And the NY Daily News article didn’t even mention Captain America #600 at all, much less the whole special Monday release thing. Is this the bigtime mainstream media news article that was supposed to drive hordes of non-comic reading folk into comic book stores today?

How dissapointing

Thats cool but at the same time kinda sucks cause I really liked Bucky as Captain America.

More than anything, this is just *boring*. It’s exactly what everybody expected, and the public at large doesn’t give a shit about resurrections, only deaths. I really hope this little Flight of Icarus here discourages Marvel from trying these kinds of stunts in the future, since all it’s done is frustrate retailers and fans. Is anybody’s store actually even *getting* Cap 600 today? Because the whole country of Canada, and from what I understand the entire metropolitan areas of Tucson and Seattle, aren’t.

It is said “the original Captain America”, and in terms of continuity Bradley IS original. Quesada didn’t say a word about Rogers.

@David: I asked around at a couple of shops here in the SF Bay Area and still haven’t found one that will be getting Captain America #600 in today. (Although now that I’ve just posted that, I’m sure someone will come along and correct me by pointing out which SF stores will in fact be getting it today.) Not that I really care anymore. You’re right that this is just boring and absolutely expected, and I really can’t comprehend how anyone at Marvel honestly expected the mainstream media or the world at large to give two shits about it.

Q: Are we not men?

June 15, 2009 at 3:07 am

I love Steve Rogers as much as the next comic geek. But Bucky has been rocking the house as Cap.

Holler if you hear me, people.

@Sir Carnage: If they were going to go with a black Captain America (which is what I had been banking on, the only option I could fathom that would have any hope of attracting the mainstream media or general public’s attention) do you really think they would have kept it a secret in the very news article meant to promote it?

I wish Marvel would have waited at least 5 to 10 years to bring Steve back. Bucky only just began to bleed into the rest of the Marvel Universe as Cap.

Now can DC wait this long to bring Bruce back?

@Ken Kneisel: And why would they spoil it just on the same day it comes out?
(English is not my native language so I may talk funny).

Kevin Melrose

June 15, 2009 at 3:21 am

Marvel routinely arranges mainstream media coverage for the day of a “major” release: “The Death of Captain America,” Spider-Man’s unmasking, etc.

@Sir Carnage: I don’t know. You’re right that the article is very vague though. All they really say is “Captain America is coming back”, which could very well mean anything. And I still think the whole black Captain America thing is really the only option that would have any hope of getting the general public excited enough to actually walk into a comic book store.

I really love Bucky in the role. I hope Steve’s return doesn’t mean the end for Bucky.

God Bru can make a story about Captain America fighting cosmic Barbie Dolls from the infant universe of Qwewq; its still gonna be awesome. This is the guy who brought back BUCKY BARNES as a brainwashed cyborg assasin for Soviet Russia, killed Steve Rogers, made Bucky Captain America, and made it all work.

THAT said, I really enjoyed BuckyCap, and I was hoping this would last a good long while. The world really does need Steve Rogers back though, and I just wish it was later rather than sooner.

Congratulations Marvel! You went and instigated mainstream media attention on a story which will largely make most people say, “See! That’s why I don’t read comics in the first place. No one ever stays dead. The stories are so unrealistic.” Possibly on a fortunate note, what media is actually going to pick this up and run with it?

Congratulations Marvel! With this grab for maintstream media attention, you’ve succeeded in making people who don’t read comics say, “See! That’s why I don’t read comics in the first place. No one stays dead. Everything is so completely unrealistic.” Possibly fortunately for Marvel, this news is so completely underwhelming, that I can’t imagine the mainstream media actually picking it up too much.

Totally agree with Jeremy
Brubaker has had an amazing run on Cap. Killed of one of my alltime favourite characters and I still love the book
And Buckycap (love that name) has gelled quite well with the rest of the MU
Steve was always coming back… I just thought it’d be further off
Hope this doesn’t stuff up such a great run

Guess we know who’s kicking Osborne out of power now anyway…

this is why i stopped reading regular superhero stuff:
even death is a big fucking continuity sugared joke.

Im hoping that steve returning doesnt mean Bucky will be killed off, he’s a fantastic character (at least in Brubakers hands he is). Cap teaming up with Bucky in his winter soldier guise would be awesome. My fears are that Marvel will bring Cap back and kill Bucky off to return the status quo of the pre-Brubaker era. If Bucky is killed off, im gonna be pissed!

The non-comic reading public barely has Steve Rogers on their radar? I have a feeling Marvel really may be reaching on this one and not in a good way. Could this be our decades equivalent of Spidey #1 with five variants? Time will tell, they would have been better off at least waiting until the movie, at that point he’s been gone a while.

I love Brubaker’s writing on Cap, but if Isaiah Bradley isn’t brought back, then I don’t care. Bringing Rogers back after only 2 1/2 years is boring and uninspired.

I love Bucky as Captain America. Brubaker’s done a fantastic job with what could otherwise have been another Thunderstrike or Scarlet Spider (although I liked both of them…). And Cap had a great death.

But at the same time, the Dark Reign means a leader is needed for Earth’s heroes, and Steve Rogers is that man. Marvel came up with an amazing death for him, and if he is indeed coming back to end this, then they’ve created the perfect resurrection story as well.

The world needs Captain America, now more than ever.


This is what I’ve been waiting and hoping for!

Steve Rogers IS Captain America!

Make Bucky “Nomad” and let us have two cool characters instead of just one.

Captain America has been a consistently brilliant read for a number of years, whether it has been with Steve or Bucky in the suit. It was obvious that Steve would be back, but I think whenever it happened, people would be delighted or disapointed in equal measure. Quite frankly I don’t care when or how he comes back as long as what I get is a quality read.

Captain America IS Steve Rogers. For long time Cap fans, he always will be no matter if its a continuity switch like Isaiah Bradley, a writer thats frustrated with the direction the country is going in or what have you. If Steve Rogers stays dead then it just proves that someone can put on the uniform and be Captain America. Even if its Bucky. I’d be much more interested in seeing James Barnes rehabilitate his name in the form of the Winter Soldier.

Another comic book non-event that does nothing but give the audience yet another example to cite that these “world changing” events don’t change jack shit.

It’s so sad that books like Young Liars get canned in less than 20 issues because a bunch of 40 year old manbabies continue to fall for the same exact garbage year in and year out. I can only hope the direct market dies in an expeditious way so that Walking Dead TPBs selling more than the latest trite Marvel and DC garbage finally puts the attention where it always should have been: genuinely creative and interesting work instead of the latest lame as Hell attempt to milk another dollar pushing bullshit “events” from men stuck in a perpetual state of nostalgic obliviousness.

Kevin, I’m sure you meant June 11, not July 11.

Maybe Steve becomes the head of a resurrected SHIELD (or whatever they’ll call it after Dark Reign) while Bucky stays on as Cap for a while — or something like that — something along the lines of “Captain America is more than just one man; it’s an idea, blah blah…”

I’ve kind of grown fond of Bucky as Cap and he really hasn’t been Cap for all that long. I trust that Bru will give Bucky the proper respect when he transitions out of the role.

I understand what everyone is saying about this being too quick. Killing of Cap has created some great writing and direction for the series. But I think that Brubaker’s entire run on Cap is great and that this return of Rodgers will be just as well-written. I just got back into reading comics around the time Brubaker’s volume of Cap began, and I have LOVED the series. Rodgers is one of my favorite characters and I am pumped he’s coming back. I think it will lead to great storylines over the next year. With the MU in such disarray with villains running things it will be interesting to see how this mixes things up … not to mention the reunions with people like Tony Stark, Sharon Carter, and Nick Fury. It IS a quick return but I think it is a good time to do it regardless. He would be coming back in a year or so anyway when the movie is released.

I suspect that they felt the need to time this out the way that they did so that Cap’s return wouldn’t be overshadowed by the run-up to the movie itself. If they had waited to long, it would have felt like he was only being brought back because of the movie, and it would have perhaps come across as more crassly commercial and less of an event.


June 15, 2009 at 5:35 am

oh great. I love Bucky as Cap. I really felt steve should have stayed dead, especially considering all frenzy surrounding his death. What’s the point in making Bucky cap if steve’s just gonna roll out of the grave? I was really hoping we had a wally west thing going here.

I thought Quesada said he wasn’t gonna spoil who was being brought back. I think it would have been better if people went in not knowing what to expect.

They wanted to wait longer to bring Steve Rogers back but that line about him not having a myspace page became irrelevant much sooner than anticipated.

Steve’s return probably is the best way to kick Norman’s ass out of Avengers Tower, but he should’ve stayed dead longer. Bucky as Cap was really good stuff and now it’ll just be a flash in the pan. They should’ve given Bucky more time in the spotlight before bringing Steve back, even if it meant prolonging Dark Reign.

I find it funny that Marvel expects the public to care about this when so many actual comic fans don’t.

Long as Norman Osborn goes back to taking a dirt nap, I’m fine. He’s just as overexposed as Wolverine or Spider-Man by now. Much as I love Cap, this news is of no vital importance but to us superhero freaks. We all knew Steve Rogers was returning just like Superman did in the 90’s. Batman will be following suit in no time at all.

@darrenmdr: Exactly. Is it a little too soon? Yes. But all it really comes down to is that Brubaker is writing the story. So no matter who you like as Cap, we’ll be getting some great comics. There’s no way Bru will just be tossing Bucky away.

And will somebody PLEASE get rid of that freaking “feathered” armor? Cap looks more like Super Chicken than anything I remember from the last twenty years and back.

I’m glad! The series needs to go back to what made it fun. I want more of Steve Rodgers where he is obviously a 1940’s man thrust into present day. That’s character development. That’s fun. The Title has been dreadful for way too long.
This is a good thing, folks.

I like Odinson’ idea of Bucky as nomad, that would be cool, or steve taking on the role of nomad once more.

Doowah Man you are spot on with your comment

So, in some weird coincidence (or maybe it’s not), we have not one, not two, but THREE major comic book related headlines this morning:

1) The imminent return of Steve Rogers
2) The imminent marriage of Archie Andrews to Veronica Lodge
3) The first page of the Wednesday Comics Superman feature being carried in USA Today, with the rest of the feature being carried on

I mentioned this elsewhere, but I think it’s hilarious that in the media event that Marvel hand-crafted, they’re going to be trumped not just by DC, but by Archie, too.

should’ve stuck with bucky as cap…

But I will say this: I see absolutely no reason Marvel can’t have more than one Captain America, as long as they have noticeably different uniforms and affiliations. Steve in the New Avengers, John Walker in the Mighty/Dark Avengers, and Bucky freelancing or working for the guv’ment.

I’m betting on Obama bringing him back to life by chanting “Yes We Can” over his grave.


don’t count your chickens people.

@Mr Wesley: I’m betting either Bucky or Steve becomes the next Ronin.

Anyone else think that he variant cover for Reborn #1 looks way too similar to the cover for Herogasm #1…[shudder]

OK … so Brubaker has basically said that this is all a part of a larger storyline he has been building since the beginning. So anyone that likes Brubaker’s work needs to just relax and enjoy the ride.

In the immortal words of Heath Ledger’s Joker: “It’s all part of the plan”…

“Holler if you hear me, people.”

This makes me think of two things, neither of them good. Stop it.

Steve Rogers is Cap. Bucky’s been the best fill in ever.

But Steve is Cap.

Comics need the illusion of change. I agree that the event part of the issue detracts a little bit from Brubaker’s overall story because even though I’m in the Rogers camp, I’ve still enjoyed the book. If people just picked up the death issue and just plan on picking up today’s issue, they’ve missed some good stuff. People upset about this story have to realize thats its been done before and will be done again. Such is the way of sequential storytelling of character thats been around since World War 2 as well as other characters.


I don’t think anyone is complaining that Bru doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think most of us are going, “What’s the big deal?” Characters from both DC & Marvel come back from the dead all the time anymore. DC’s building an entire event around it this summer.

Ultimately, I think this is going to backfire on Marvel, as DC’s and Archie’s announcement will probably eclipse it.

But I feel the most bad for the retailers who have upped their orders and opened their doors when they wouldn’t normally this Monday. Both the comics fans and the world at large are going to go, “big deal,” and the retailers are going to be the ones stuck with dozens of copies of Captain America #600 they can’t sell.

Geesh, I can’t believe there were people who actually thought Marvel was REALLY going to kill off Rogers permanently. Just the fact that they KEPT USING THE CHARACTER in stories afterwards (set in the past, plus the time travel Avengers/Invaders story) pretty much proved it. You don’t keep using a character you want the fans to forget.

Not that we’re out of the doghouse yet. Roger’s return might be a stunt- he might come back as a zombie that Bucky-Cap needs to kill again. It would *suck*, but I wouldn’t put Marvel beyond that.

Though I’m pretty sure Rogers would be back in time for his coming movie anyway.

-“It is said “the original Captain America”, and in terms of continuity Bradley IS original. Quesada didn’t say a word about Rogers.”

Umm, I don’t think that’s right. Sure , THAT was the point of the “Truth” series- that the supersoldier serum had secretly been tested in African Americans and one of them even used the Cap costume at one point. However (and I know this secondhand, someone correct me if I’m wrong) a story error set the events of “Truth” AFTER the time Cap was created (before the US entered WWII) which means that Bradley couldn’t be the first Cap, only a (failed) attempt to recreate him. Besides, it would greatly diminish the Cap legend if he were just “The White Guy who received the process only after it was tested on hapless Negroes.” Truth makes an interesting “Elseworlds” but the Marvel Universe doesn’t need any more darkening.

Quothe Rob: “OK … so Brubaker has basically said that this is all a part of a larger storyline he has been building since the beginning. So anyone that likes Brubaker’s work needs to just relax and enjoy the ride. ”

Yeah, and bringing Magneto back was all part of Morrison’s plan after Genosha got exploded, too. Doesn’t mean that it was the right thing to do (and I will maintain until I am dead that it wasn’t… Magneto was more dangerous dead than he ever was alive).

I love Steve (wow, there’s a line that’s going to be taken out of context someday), but he had a good death. His death meant something. A resurrection would only cheapen that.

If it’s Isaiah being “Reborn”… well, I guess we’ll see.

2 things…

1. Where is the large-scale media coverage this was supposed to draw? It’s not on Yahoo or CNN – and they’ll run anything on a slow news day.

2. Why do people STILL think Isiah Bradley came before Steve Rogers? Here is a little snippet pasted from the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia:

Clarifying the timeline for Isaiah Bradley and Steve Rogers — and who predates who — Robert Morales states in his appendix to the Truth: Red, White & Black trade paperback collection (2004):

Truth was originally planned to be outside of the Marvel Universe’s official continuity. The editorial decision to place it into continuity meant explaining Timely Comics’ first publication of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s Captain America in 1940 — a full year before Pearl Harbor and the true start of our story.

Truth co-creator Kyle Baker further clarified the respective timelines of Bradley and Rogers in an interview:

With Captain America, people get on my case for ‘changing’ Captain America. We got a lot of grief from the Captain America fans on that series until the fifth and sixth issues came out; when it turned out that we hadn’t tinkered with the continuity. Before that, everybody was very upset, because our story started with Pearl Harbor, and everybody knows that the first issue of Captain America took place before Pearl. Somewhere in the middle of the series, it’s revealed that Cap already existed, and we hadn’t tinkered with the timeline, and suddenly, the book is okay.”

Mr. Wesley:

I know what you mean as far as the hype. I guess it is just because they’re bringing back a major character. They should have just not said anything about this issue, and then maybe once it was on the shelves and generating interest they could have hyped ‘Reborn’. As far as DC … I’m still not sure that Bruce Wayne is even dead, but just lost somewhere. The final pages of Final Crisis threw me for a loop there.

Jon G:

We’ll just have to see what happens. If it was all planned for him to die and be ‘reborn’ then I will take my chances that it will be a good storyline since the whole run has been so good. I agree that Bucky has been a great Cap, and I would like to see him in that role a bit longer (and he may be even if Rodgers is brought back). Magneto may have been more dangerous dead, but Steve hasn’t exactly been a successful martyr dead … the entire MU has gone to hell since he’s been gone. His return will probably spark a decline to all this “Dark Reign” junk.

this is great, now we will finally get the Cap/Bucky reunion that Steve’s death put on hold. Bru is doing a FANTASTIC job on this title!

I’m disappointed, I actually wanted Isaiah Bradley to come back in some form as the new Cap, it would have made for a great new arc of stories.. In any case, we’ll see how this progresses.. I hope that they don’t plan on killing any of Cap’s supporting cast in the process.. Falcon, Sharon, etc.

World War Hulk had Hulk returning to Earth seeking revenge … but… Hulk is tied to Marvels movie plans so they can’t have him go too far. He can’t do anything realy bad and he can’t kill anyone because this would ruin the character for marketing What we got from WWH was Hulk creating a disturbance and the one guy they did let him beat up (Blackbolt), they exposed as a Skrull.

Batman is “killed” and there is a new Batman, but we all know that Bruce Wayne will be back in costume before the next movie.

Captain America is killed but there’s a movie in the works. How much of a shock is it that Steve Rogers is coming back?

These are good examples of corporate storytelling. The writer may be given some leeway, but, they seem to be being given a deadline for returning to the status quo. This doesn’t have to mean you get a “bad” story, just one with a predictable ending.

Compare these “death” stories with characters in upcoming movies to some stories that had no “movie connections ant tell me which you enjoyed more . . .

Captain Marvel (cancer)
Flash (Barry Allen) killed in the original “Crisis”, just returned.
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) dies in “Final Night”.
Green Arrow, blowed up!
Thor – Ragnaroc

A story is much more enjoyable when it is allowed to flow where it has to. In the most recent example, Thor, the story had been building for over a year. Any other outcome to the story would have been a joke and thankfully it was allowed to play out to it’s natural conclusion.

With Captain America it’s been a great ride but there was never any doubt where the ride would end, the return of Steve Rogers.

Marvel left so many doors open for his return it was inevitable. Clone (we had a Thor clone, why not Cap?), Life Model Decoy (Nick Fury was using new versions of these), Time travel (the Avengers / Invaders mini changing the time line), Cosmic Cube (Red Skull was using its power around the beginning of this story), the “mysterious key” given to Cap in “Thunderbolts” but never explained, the “other” Captain America from years ago but recently braught back into the story, shapeshifting Skrulls, and lest we forget, the “body” was given to Namor who took it to the bottom of the ocean … to honor him or to keep the body from being examined or maybe to revive him? We’ll find out which door they use soon enough.


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Mount Holly, NJ

I wish they let Luke Cage move into the role of Captain America after Steve Rodgers died.

Luke was taking a leadership role in the Avengers at the time and Cap was taking a special interest in him (as Steve tends to do with ex cons).

After the New Avengers went underground the code-name and costume-less Luke Cage could have easily won a ‘battle for the cowl’ style showdown against other challengers like Punisher, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Iron Man etc.

Plus black Captain America would have been WAY relevant and ahead of its time.

P.S. – That said I’m glad Steve Rodgers is coming back.


Honestly, I’m fine with the idea, and I agree with others who think Brubaker will do a fine job with making the story interesting.

But they released Cap 600 on a special day and artificially tried to create announcement hype for this? THIS? Really? Come on. It makes you wonder if they had something else to go with it, like a Cap casting announcement, and maybe it fell through at the last minute. Because this is boring; nobody outside comics is going to care, and everybody who reads comics knew it was coming, sooner or later.

GQ said:

“I find it funny that Marvel expects the public to care about this when so many actual comic fans don’t.”

Spot on. Even some of those posting saying this is great don’t care–they appear to be getting paid by Marvel to hype Marvel product.

Well if Sharon carters dream tells us anything that we can read into…we see a figure coming through the Dr.Doom time machine platform thing operated by Zola. Could they have snatched Cap from time just before he gets shot and killed? But then it would not really be our Cap…but an alternate reality Cap..because it’s established that you cvan’t mess with time and once you change one thing you alter the outcome of events in the future. So…scratch that one.
If you look at the cover for REBORN #1…he aint a black guy. We’ve been down that road before and it did not go over….nor sell well at all.
The only senario that would work is if THOR went into the realm of the dead and brought Steve back whole.
This has been done before. It worked and it would be acceptable by the fans.
But…..Psycho Steve Rogers is still walking around looking and acting the part of Cap ..he honestly thinks he is Cap. The general idea would be that he adopts Caps altruistic sensibilities and actually lives by the code the real Cap lived by and turns a new leaf. But would that go over? Who knows? We will see. SOON.

Just the fact Psycho Steve is asking Peggy questions is issue # 49 about her relationship with Cap back in the day is a HUGE tip off….BRUBAKER is an excellent writer and is weaving a wonderful story…so let us save the speculation and enjoy the ride. THIS ENTIRE FIASCO was created by BRUBAKER.
A testament to his genius.

oh wow a character returning from the dead.

never seen that before.


fuck off.

comics are comics and depend on the suspension of disbelief. The old tired chartacter returns from the dead before is expected. It just depends on how well it’s written. It can’t be oh well I was never really dead I was on a mission in IRAQ…that would be stupid and a let down. Lets keep in mind it’s comics and it’s only a story. People get so fanatical about DnD and WARCRAFT and WWE and SOAPS and POKEMON and MAGIC.
It’s only a story. You can’t control what the guy is gonna write next.

Awful lot of typos in that press release…particularly for a company with so many editors, announcing such a large event.

Makes me wonder if it was rushed out the door…which makes me wonder if it wasn’t quite planned…


Too soon, for one thing. Our customers are liking Bucky as Cap just fine, thanks.

Plus… who cares? THIS is the major announcement the mainstream press were supposed to get behind? Jesus, we didn’t even have one single request from any of our customers over the last week or so about whether or not we’d be able to get Cap #600 in the shop today. No-one seemed to give a fuck. Genuinely.

I’m starting to feel strangely smug for not going overboard with my ordering of #600!

Personally, I’m much more excited by the DC / Wednesday Comics / USA Today announcement (I’m afraid Archie comics don’t mean much here in the UK, but I’m guessing that wedding announcement must be a pretty big deal for American fans?).

Who cares. Captain American is boring anyway.

And this was the announcement that I was PRAYING wasn’t going to happen. As much as I love Steve Rogers, I really didn’t want him to come back this soon, nor do I really want him being Captain America for a long time. When I first picked up issue 34 of this current volume of the book, I was floored as to how awesome it was, and how different the storyline was from what I’ve read in the past Captain America books.

Hell, it was that issue that bought me off a boycott of Marvel that I imposed on myself after Civil War’s result. It’s where I discovered Incredible Herc, X-Factor, X-Force, Captain Britain MI: 13, and all of the good stuff Marvel was bringing out. Hell, it got me to also check out the non-Superhero stuff, which I love more than the Hero stuff now and days. Even though I’ve been a comic book fan since I was 11, I love it when creators do something new and fresh with old favorites, and create new franchises (I love Secret Warriors) when done right. In the same turn, I hate character regression, status quo rewinds, and all of the effect that fall into this category. (I can’t get into Flash: Rebirth, no matter how much I try)

It seems like to me that Marvel is being run by a guy who doesn’t let good, but different ideas besides the pet projects he approves (like Dark Reign) get enough time to develop and reach their zenith. All the while, he’s very quick to reverse characters to the way he was used to seeing them as a kid, no matter how it damages the character

At the same time, DC is being ran by a guy, who wants EVERYTHING to resemble the Silver Age. An age that DC had to do the most ambitious reset ever, just to get out of the traps it had laid for itself. Fan reaction be damned.

This is why I’m beginning to phase out the Super Heroes. They’re increasingly becoming not the stuff I want to read.

I haven’t read the issue, but as I understand it, it casts doubt on the idea that Steve was ever really dead in the first place. I really hope they don’t retcon his death, just because I really loved the conversation between Thor and Steve’s ghost in a recent issue of Thor.

I’m not sure why everyone is so shocked and/or outraged. There’s a Captain America movie due out in two years…of COURSE he’s going to be brought back. Also, the title “Reborn” sorta implies that Steve Rogers IS dead. I think the Red Skull sold his soul to Mephisto or something equally bizarre, and now they have to get him back.

If Ben Grimm can die and the FF can storm heaven to get him back, why does any of this surprise people? :)

I dunno, man. Marvel should really be trying to appeal to new, young readers instead of catering to the fogies all the time. Maybe to the 25+ demographic Steve is the main man, but Bucky is MY Captain America. He’s a Cap for our age, and I don’t understand why Marvel’s so willing to sacrifice progress for the sake of a short-term sales burst.

…No, wait, I understand completely.

But that still doesn’t make it a good idea.

posted only moments ago…a true and accurate quote from the big Q hisself….In REBORN Steve Rogers the original and real deal – returns. We now have to wait and see how. This entire fiasco was drummed up because of earlier rumors about the OTHER Cap embarking on a soul searching journey into himself.
Well MARVEL and Q sure squashed that but good. See how things work and how they like to maintain control?

I trust Bru, that said it is way too soon for Steve to come back, and when he does I don’t want him to take the mantle of Cap back from Bucky. Cap should be a man behind the scenes mentoring Bucky and working with Fury to rebuild SHIELD.

Brian From Canada

June 15, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Control has nothing to do with it. Sellability does.

Marvel’s money is in movies now. Sad, but true. And the hope is that those who go to the movie will like it enough to seek out a comic or a trade paperback and get hooked. Hasn’t happened yet, at least in visible numbers, but at least it’s worth a try. And nobody is going to pick up a comic that is totally offbase from the movie.

Just look at X-Men. X-Men comics were pretty much unreadable by fans at that moment — how do you think someone with just the basics from the movie could have handled it?

So Cap has to come back, just as Bruce has to come back for the next Batman film, etc. The question becomes how to do it, can it work in a way that’s acceptable to the fans, and will it be a good story overall.

Brubaker has done enough with Cap to lay in the groundwork for his return, drop red herrings to keep you guessing — and made good enough mileage with Bucky that, even WITH Steve’s return, he should have another character in the supporting cast/his own book to keep us hooked.

Plus, let’s face it: Captain America is a cornerstone of the Marvel U, and how many people would have accepted a two year gap from the comic — especially after Thor fans were upset Marvel tried that in after Heroes Reborn.

Personally, I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude from it. I trust Brubaker… and, more importantly, Marvel editorial to handle it properly. With the exception of Brand New Day and the X-Men’s Decimation (two giant retcons more than anything else), Marvel’s done a very good job of laying the foundations so it seems logical AND a big thing.

The ONLY thing that keeps this from being a big story is Archie. [Sorry, DC fans, but a Superman strip that won’t be ongoing and in one newspaper is like saying you’re running an exclusive excerpt from a book — a flash stunt only.] Marvel’s got the brand power, but Archie **seems** to be finally doing something historic after fifty-plus years of the same routine.

Of course, Archie’s only shown the cover. It could just be Veronica’s dream sequence. But either way, it gets people to remember the comics.

captain america 600 plus pre-release hype equals fail…big revelation by sharon: “oh i just remembered it was just a sillllly gun i shot him with” YOUR ENDING IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE FTS

Anyone who thinks “change” in comics means “we won’t go back to status quo”…I gotta wonder which comic books you’ve been reading for the last few years.

I know how Marvel can keep things hot after the summer’s over. A Captain America team up with The Blazing Skull!!!

Did the internet crack in half again?

Marvel: You can only cry wolf once. You’ve done it far too often for the world to care anymore.

This return of Steve Rogers is quite a surprise! Hope Mr. Barnes goes back to being Bucky, instead of killing him off. Hmm…

Who cares?
Cap may have been dead a few years in OUR time, but in Marvel Time he’s been dead what, 6 months maybe?
So he tool a little vacation. Big Deal.

You have a point…

i dunno if anybody else had this thought, cos i havent read everything thats been said, but at this time when bendis has two of every other hero goin around, did anybody consider there could be two caps.
that would solve the bucky problem, sorta

mr.wesley beat me to it. oh well

Superman, Barry Allen, Elektra, Hal Jordan, Colossus (hell, pick an X-Man), Steve Rogers, Green Arrow. DC and Marvel have put such a revolving door on the afterlife that even the characters themselves don’t believe it’s a permanent condition. After Cap died, how much time and resources went into having Marvel mainstays work out their denial?

Is it just me or does REBORN seem like the logical ending place for DARK REIGN. After all Jonathan Hickman said that his FANTASTIC FOUR will take place after that even and its solicited for the same month as REBORN. So Steve Rogers is back and Norman Osborn is out…

It does suprise me how personally some people take the moves that Marvel has made here. Outside of retailers (who probably had their hands tied) whats so bad about Marvel making an event out of this? As someone who has disagreed with the way that editorial has done things in the past, I find myself almost defending Marvel. If you don’t like Captain America (or superhero comics in general) whats the harm? You don’t have to read it. It used to be that fans got excited with comics when heroes came back to life, it seems that now alot of fans resent that a character doesn’t actually stay dead.

This is why I don’t read Marvel or DC comics anymore.

3 Caps..there’re gonna be 3 runnin’ around.

It used to be that fans got excited with comics when heroes came back to life, it seems that now alot of fans resent that a character doesn’t actually stay dead.

And it also used to be that when a character was killed off, it had dramatic impact because there was at least an intent on the part of creators and publishers to make it stick. It wasn’t part of some overarching marketing plan where the difference between “dead and buried” and “on an extended vacation to San Tropez” is negligible.

In both the Marvel and DC universes, death isn’t death anymore. It has been entirely robbed of its impact as a dramatic device. I fully expect to see Great Responsibility: The Return of Uncle Ben on the shelves of my local comic shop any month now.

In my opinion, the genie came out of the bottle when they brought Jean Grey back. After that death in comics didn’t mean a whole lot anymore. Just tell me a good story and if you want to do it with Steve Rogers, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Oliver Queen, or Peter Rasputin just make it worth reading.

I wonder how many of the people trashing this move are actually curently reading Cap every month…..

I read it, I follow it and I love it…can’t wait to see what happens next? !!! But you have a point Rob. How many of these folks are devoted readers and what do the devoted think?

Do I smell movie tie-in/merchandising push?
It’s almost as if the life has been taken out of death.

Killing off Cap was never supposed to be a permanent thing. It was always in the card to do exactly what is being done now. Ed Brubaker had ideas. He passed them to Q who said yes or no. This was back before they killed him in the first place. If you read Q’s article on REBORN you’ll see BRU – had several story ideas for Caps big return. What was chosen is what we will get to see. There is going to be a movie and there will be TOYS and so on. But that’s no different from Spidey and Iron man. I refuse to believe everyone is that naieve that they think this is about a movie coming out in 2 and a half years. People…it is all tied in. YES ! you did not discover something new AND you’re not onto something. You are all only just beginning to see.
It’s art it’s comics it fun it’s entertainment. Eventually Superman will have another movie too and Spider man and Batman and iron man and the Punisher and Wolverine …can I keep this up? Either you like comics or you don’t. If you like comic books then let’s have fun with this and soak up the fun. If you don’t like comics or buy them or read them. Then all you have is your GOD given American right to voice your opinion. But to us the comic fans…it’s 2 cents not worth wanted.

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