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Yow! What have they done to Little Lulu?

Over in Brazil, apparently the likes of John Stanley, Irving Tripp and Marjorie Henderson Buell aren’t good enough anymore, because they’ve taken the classic Little Lulu character beloved by so many and given here a makeover that, well, see for yourself …

Oh the inhumanity

Oh the inhumanity

You can see more images and a snippet from the new comic (it’s all in Portuguese) here. According to Cartoon Brew, Tubby has left his violin to lead a rock band, Annie is the gang’s geek and a videogame freak, Gloria is a fashion expert and Alvin has become a skater and surfer.

So … they’ve taken everything that was original and funny about the characters and replaced them with generic cliches? I’m sure that will work well for them.

This is all the fault of that West Side gang I betcha!



Well, here in Brazil it began with a teen version of Monica´s Gang (a local kids comics). The first issue sold over 230.000 copies.

So the rival company decided to do the same. It will sell well, i guess.

Cassius Medauar

June 8, 2009 at 11:52 am

No, it will not sell well. Its terrible. They killed little Lulu.

“I’m sure that will work well for them.”

That’s a huge mistake.

It did generated a huge buzz around here, but I couldn’t find anywhere someone who actually liked it. All the main vehicles and comic fans simply hated it. Everyone actually agrees with what you stated, this is just a generic comic book for teenagers, the Little Lulu reference is a selfish attempt to make some success by saying it is a reboot.

As Anderson already wrote, it was just because of the huge success of the teen version of Monica’s Gang. It was a blockbuster and all these people are trying to do is to repeat it. You know 230.000 copies is a huge number even for USA wich is a lot bigger than Brazil on almost every aspect, geographic, cultural, historical, etc.

That’s not a big deal, don’t worry but I took a small ofense with your statement. As I said, everyone knows that USA is bigger, it doesn’t mean that it’s smarter, it’s probably the only aspect we can’t compare and say that is bigger or not, we have dumb people as well as you have dumb people, there’s no statistic to that, therefore, no need to such conclusion.

He was being ironic, Marcus.

Wow. Lulu has been focus grouped out of existence.

Seriously, why didn’t they just start all over again with all new characters?

Lulu 90125

Luiz Felipe Vasques

June 8, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Yeah, that was straight competition. Monica’s Gang is a huge success here, kinda the natural competitor of Little Lulu. When the Teen Monica version showed up and made big bucks, local rights-owners decided making a shot — it’s not like it is unheard of, check out Animation, Pixar and Dreamworks do this all the time: AntZ x Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo x Shark’s Tale, and what not.

Sacrilege or not, my crictic is technical-based. The Teen Monica characters have a good character design that makes you instantly recognize the new adolescents with their infant correspondents. Teen Lulu, well… she is HOLDING A PICTURE, otherwise, no one would guess!!! THAT’S awful, and it is not as they didn’t have the skill to do better than that. It’s not about “ooh, I’m going to draw some random teens and call them Lulu, Tubby etc.”, it’s about a calculated and studied design project! And hey! It’s NOT THAT HARD!

The art is awful… what a piece of crap. Poor little Lulu… she doesn’t deserve this. I hope this sacrilege stays only in Brazil… and dies there.

That’s fantastic! I will buy this new treasure for sure. THX PixelMedia!!!!

Rick Jones da Silva Sauro

June 9, 2009 at 6:47 am

Although I have fifteen years, I loved the comic book, because I was always a fan of Lulu and her class, getting in great confusion. The staff of the MBB (Brazilian forum for comics and movies) should be proud of such a magazine is published in his own country, that creates jobs. And who knows this project does not reach the U.S. market. A kiss, call me.

I don’t know I think I should more than likely READ IT FIRST before I make a decision from the PR release.
But that’s just me, and then I wouldn’t have the fun of running around just calling it all crap, would I?

It´s only a gibi!

If you put your hand over the logo and the TRUE Lulu’s image, you will not recognize, it seems everything except Little Lulu. Its just money involved, the owners of rights don’t want to know about the critics, they want money. Its a simple question, they want repeat the success of Monica’s gang, but the Lulu’s comics are very stranger for the target public in Brazil.The comics in Brazil are getting Teen , who’s the next??

PS.: The boy besides Tubby remember Martin Mistery.

Sergio Santos

June 10, 2009 at 4:48 am

i am Brazilian and I spent today by banking the newspaper and saw the mess they made with Lulu was very bad, very bad right!
also I think a lack of respect to fans of the cartum lulu here in Brazil has a lot of people criticizing this new series of Lulu, and you can be sure that will not last very soon not just be that God wants

(sorry for bad english).

´´ a proposito esse cassius medauar é o nosso querido e eterno editor do dragao?´´

se for um abraço pra ele!

Captain Ninja

June 10, 2009 at 4:55 am

“I don’t know I think I should more than likely READ IT FIRST before I make a decision from the PR release.”

Sorry pal, I don’t need to take a gunshot to know I’ll don’t like that.


lulu teen blog where “she” posts everything that happens in the comics

she has a twitter acc too
(all in portuguese)

they using it to make merchadising
but it sucks

Sadly it happens often here in Brazil.
Most comic writers can’t reach big companies like DC and Marvel and just do some work that does reach only a small number os people – national comics in a general way do not sell well here.
So, they get the rights over a expresive franchise, and chance them in something… that is not it.

It happened first with Rockman (Megaman, characters form Capcom games), they had the rights to publish the cool mangá here, but they decided to show theirselves and made him… well let’s just say it is one of the crapiest things ever published.

So, do not take it seriously, it is just an amateur comic written for someone who thinks does good comics, that is using Lulu’ name, not Lulu converted to teen.

why are you crying?? They simply vaporized the star trek universe with that “NOT THE STAR TREK OF YOUR PARENTS” (with the happy permission of many so called “teen” fans). It is just another reboot. If you are “teen” , its ok. At all, for a “teen” public, history is everybody that happened more than two weeks ago…
I will receive little LuLu, the ” next generation ” with may arms open!

Little Lulu is just a new reboot! Long life to the reboots!!!

Marco Santiago

June 10, 2009 at 9:36 am

I’m against reboots, it doesn’t matter if it is Marvel, DC, the Hell or Little Lulu. I grew up and read the Little Lulu as in the old and good times, so It really seems something stupid to me.

Marco Santiago

June 10, 2009 at 9:37 am

Gilson, my arms are closed, ok?

Marco Santiago

June 10, 2009 at 9:41 am

I agree with Joe Cool: the art IS terrible, horrible and AWFUL!!!!!!

So … they’ve taken everything that was original and funny about the characters and replaced them with generic cliches?

Because it’s totally fair to say that they’re generic clichés when you haven’t read it.

OMG, that is is utterly horrifying. :(

I grew up with the original and adored her.

It is kinda hard to take the complaints here seriously. In North America, Little Lulu hasn’t been published as a new series in decades and the only books you can get are reprint collections. So what audience is this offending? One that doesn’t exist, obviously.
Please let us make fun of how other countries keep comic books a viable and popular medium (Whats next? an expose on the story lines in German Donald Duck books?) while ignoring how publishers in the US have run themselves into a publishing ghetto.

“Every North American is stupid!”

How do you like this kind of generalization, said by me, a Brazilian man, judging everyone in U.S.A. based only in the acts of you ex-presidente G.W.Bush?

Well, that’s the same as Chris Mautner saying;
“I’m sure that will work well for them”.

We didn´t vote for Lulu Teen. It was not a majority decision. It was not a democratic election (like you did by reelecting Bush)

Choose carefuly your words.


Lest we forget, this Lulu is only halfway to the adult one that represents a certain North American comic book organization. WE raised the bar first!

Bia From Brazil

June 17, 2009 at 8:09 am

(Sorry for the poor English)
They just want to get money. They think they can beat “Turma da Mônica Jovem”. But they can’t. There are kids (here, in Brazil) that don’t even know who is Little Lulu. Nobody is going to buy it, just that old nostalgic guys. In the past “Little Lulu” made a huge success here, but today, like I said, few kids know her here. When I was younger I used to watch the TV cartoon, but I didnt know that it was a comic book! But, in fact… Its terrible!
– E para os brasileiros:
Minha nossa, pelo menos a Turma da Mônica Jovem é bem desenhada. Sei que muitas pessoas não gostam, porque destruiu a infância e etc etc, mas vamos combinar que pelo menos os estúdios Maurício de Sousa estão fazendo um bom trabalho. E já que estamos no meio de várias pessoas dos EUA, queria comentar que tem uma coisa que detesto no comportamento deles: Eles (e o resto do mundo) se chamam de “Americanos”. Ora, nós também somos americanos, os mexicanos são americanos, os canadenses também. A América é um CONTINENTE, não um país! Devíamos começar a chamá-los de “Estado-unidenses” para eles pararem de se achar os donos da América! (Como se isso fosse adiantar)

Even when Gold Key TRIED to stick with the original concept their version of Little Lulu fell flat. There was only one John Stanley. I’m sure his heirs must be outraged, but Stanley didn’t own the rights to the characters (even though I imagine he created at least a few of them). This might have been a clever concept as a one shot (though I can’t imagine what market they’d be courting); in fact I’ve seen artists’ concepts before of the characters all grown up (Tubby, atypically for Americans, has actually lost weight), and they were rather amusing. But I don’t have to read any of these stories (I can’t read Portuguese anyhow, though, I can get alonb in Spanish, so maybe I could dope out the storyline) to know they’re going to suck; the generic art is enough for me to avoid it. Actually, almost ALL animé/manga art looks bland and generic to me; I can’t imagine why it’s so popular.

I suspect this will be every bit as successful as the conversion of the Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny characters to superheroes. Or as successful as New Coke.

Yours truly,
John Mayer

Vao todos se fuder, voces nao mandam em mim, principalmente os brasileiros e brasileiras de merda!!

E eu quero hentai da luluzinha e da turma da monica!! !!!!!!!!!!

I’m Brazilian, and I couldn’t agree more with this article. I used to read Little Lulu comics when I was a child, I still like looking for vintage stuff (like the own Little Lulu comics, for instance), and what they did to the character was murder.
I also used to read Mônica’s Gang comics about 30 years ago, when their comics were still at least intelligent.
Speaking of intelligence, I just hate to see the Brazilian angry mob coming here to make a bad-mouthed comment in Portuguese and thinking they are so cool. Exactly what they did to Orkut. They took it over and messed it all.
We have English classes in our schools, I can’t understand why in the world do they still can be so lame at their age.
So sorry about that. Keep up the good work, congrats for the article.

know I found a lack of creativity … copying the class of young monica (which is a manga cool and funny) and the German but radically changing the style of the characters, nothing to do, I bought an issue, until I found discusses legal even the subject of youth and mysteries (which lulu and very tanned ball as a child). luluzinha is a classic and I bet no one here like this change but if the author wanted to like this …
I’m Brazilian, I know you are angry with all this change we have made a design classic of its parents that their children have fun and even you, but the Brazilian has nothing to do with that only the author of this manga.

vocês largam de serem dramaticos …
adrorei a nova versão de lulu, e as historia são boas!!!!!!!!!
e uma das revista mais vendidas aqui no brasil junto com a turma da monica!!!!!!!

e Marcus me desculpe concordo que USA seje maior georaficamente , mais cultural e historicamente vecê esta a anos luz atrazado acorda menino e cai na realidade ,o mundo pode ser perfeito mas a realidade não e pra todos!!!!

I’m from Brazil, and I admit that I though Lulu Teen was a cheap Monica’s Gang Teen rip-off at first, just because of its huge sucess here in Brazil. Of course I can recongnize that the popularity of Monica Teen is a combination of various factors, such as:
1. Monica’s Gang being the most popular comics in Brazil, and it is running for more than 40 years, and many generations of people know the brand.
2. The recent trend of manga in the world (Monica Teen explicitly says in the cover that it is drawn in manga-style).
3. It is long requested by fans that Mauricio de Souza (the Monica’s Gang author) so a version of Monica’s Gang where everyone is older and schoolgraders. This fan appeal is longstanding for years, and I’m sure Mauricio’s aware of that.
I’m a frequent buyer of Monica’s Gang Teen, and so far I have up to vol 15 as of Dec 2009, and besides the great fidelity to their child counterparts, the Monica’s Gang Teen has no continuity between its stories, which is not very manga-like. They adopt a lot of pop culture references in the comics, especially from anime and games, which are almost niche markets here in Brazil. Although it was nice of them, I think they kinda got carreied alway and put too many pop references, to the point stripping the plot of its seriousness. And, as they are teenagers now, they cannot use the kid’s innocence as a source of jokes like the original Monica’s Gang do, and so they end up overusing lame jokes.
Overral, Monica’s Gang Teen didin’t live up to my spectations, but today I’ve read the 1st volume of Little Lulu Teen and I can say that it is sooo much more manga-like than Monica’s Ganf Teen is that I was impressed. The drawings are very convincing as real manga, and it doesn’t try too hard using manga clichès like Monica do. And the story is more fluid and HAS CONTINUITY, which is a plus. The characters, even if they don’t resemple the original Little Lulu’s characters, are good on they own right, and appear to be more human and more believable than Monica’s.
Overral, i liked it, and would reccomned for anyone who likes manga in general, because the proximity to the real manga from Japan is impressive.
For those who are criticizing whithout reading it, it would be better if you reconsider your views.

Just for the sake of curiosity, take a look at a sample of Little Lulu’s Teen:
Obs: CBZ is a format used by CDisplay (manga/comics viewer), but it actaclly is a ZIP file with the extension modified. Just rename the file to “” and it will be fine.

Eu compro a luluzinha teen e sou do Brasil. Eu acho que, a luluteen tá muito legal e não podemos julgar. Eu preferia que voce lesse primeiro e depois julgar. Tradução:

I buy the teen Lulu and I’m from Brazil. I think the luluteen’re really cool and we can not judge. I would prefer that you read it first and then judge

That’s not even manga style. That’s teeny bopper poorly attempting at manga style just to attract anime fans.

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