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Brian Vaughan makes cryptic ‘official statement’ about Lost departure

Brian K. Vaughan

Brian K. Vaughan

With news breaking that Brian K. Vaughan was leaving überhit television series Lost, Robot 6 contacted the multiple Eisner Award-winning writer to ask one question: “Why?”

In an email response tagged with the subject, “My only official statement,” Vaughan said simply: “I can confirm that I left Lost to become best friends with Olivia Munn.”

He then linked back to an item posted this morning by Munn, co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show!

In the piece, Munn revealed that Lost show-runner Damon Lindelof publicly stated Vaughan had left the show for “greener pastures.” Lindelof made the announcement during a DocArzt Lost podcast posted on July 4.

In the piece, Munn shared that Lost show-runner Damon Lindelof publicly stated Vaughan had left the show for “greener pastures” during a Q&A session presented by Curzon Cinemas on July 3.

DocArzt & Friends Lost Blog posted the transcript the following day.

Munn goes on to theorize that the move might have been made so Vaughan can begin work on one of his movie projects that are in various stages of development: Ex Machina at BenderSpink, Y: The Last Man at New Line/Warner Bros. and his King Arthur movie Roundtable at Dreamworks.

Update: Corrected the source.



If it means he’s making more comic related stuff Who the Hell cares?

Hope it wans’t anything too scandalous

Wasn’t he hired to help with the story structure and wrapping everything up? Uh-oh.

You guys smell that? I think it’s turkey…

I think you’re thinking about whatsisface and Heroes. If I recall, Vaughan was brought on Lost to act as showrunner. I’m guessing that Lindelhof and Cuse want to take a stronger hand in guiding the final season. As opposed to some of the bigger egos in comics, I don’t think everybody who parts ways in entertainment has to hate each other. Maybe Vaughan wanted more time to work on other projects and the producers couldn’t find it for him, so they split.

Olivia Munn is definitely “greener pastures”. : )

Greener pastures which anyone would like to plow.

Lindelof and Cuse can handle the series wrap-up with their writing team without BKV. They know the ending, and they write great episodes. No big deal. BKV left his distinctive mark on LOST, and now he’s off to make the art world a better place in other areas. Good news.

I would leave anything to be Olivia Munn’s best friend.

Considering they likely have the final season mapped out already by this point, I’m not too worried about Lost. Congrats to BKV on whatever big is next!

Can anybody really blame him… who wouldn’t want to be best friends with Olivia Munn!.

Jeff Renaud, you’ve completely failed to spot the pertinent piece of Olivia Munn’s article:

“Inside sources are saying he’s actually left to become my best friend. I can neither confirm nor deny that. But, that’s only because saying “I can neither confirm nor deny that” implies that it is true- that Brian K. Vaughn left Lost to become best friends with me, Olivia Munn. So, I can neither confirm nor deny that rumor. ”

There’s nothing cryptic about BKV’s statement. He’s just having a laugh.

And while I’m on it, Brian, why aren’t I on your email list? :(

ive never watched Lost, so I guess I am.. lost.

PS It wasn’t announced during a podcast! It was a transcript from a live Q&A session with fans at the Curzon cinema in London, which reproduced from another blog. Do your research!!!


Nope, Lindelof and Cuse have still been showrunners since before BKV’s arrival; he was initially a “story consultant” (a title he retained until his departure) before becoming “consulting producer” and staff writer.

People on these boards seem to have no conception of what writers do on television shows.

Brian K. Vaughn started on “Lost” as a co-producer. He then became a producer. Both of these titles have nothing whatsoever to do with producing. These are MID-LEVEL writing titles. Not bottom of the barrel by any stretch — but, likewise, not actually in charge of anything.

To be clear, Brian K. Vaughn was not ‘showrunning’ anything. He did not leave his “distinctive mark” on anything.

He may have contributed — even contributed greatly. But, to use the hoary phrase, at the end of the day, his contributions were ALWAYS filtered through the judgment of a REAL showrunner with, most likely, an EXECUTIVE producer credit.


I do hope you’re talking about MrWesley and not this WGA member. :)

That was quick.

Well, on the Season 5 finale of LOST, MR. Vaughn was listed as an Executive Producer.
Being the smart guy that Mr. V is…combined with the quick ascent amongst the LOST crew…and the greener pastures comment by Mr. Lindelof…I’d say that Mr. Vaughn is most definitely working on some (more) great stuff and there isn’t anything untoward going on, here.
Right Ms. Munn?? Right???

Perhaps he’s going to finish the script for Runaways (if he hasn’t already) so that Marvel can shelve it until the Avengers movie is out and Joss Whedon is ready to direct it. And now I’m depressed that its gonna be so long till this movie sees the light of day.

sigh…guess this means i’ll never get that BKV Lost DVD episode commentary i’d been hoping for. :p

What’s the difference, the show was finite anyway. Please write more comics. We actually recognize your name on the books unlike half the TV watching population who see it in the Lost credits.

Sorry to see him go, but Lost will be fine. Cuse and Lindelof have known how it will end for quite some time, and I’m sure they’re going to be heading the vast majority of the scripts as the show heads into the home stretch. No big deal… Anyone remember that Jeph Loeb was with the show back in (I think) its second season? OK, Loeb is no BKV (duh!)… But still. Lost is going to have a great final season (I’m crossing my fingers, but confidently).

one thing for sure.. he cannot resist Olivia C. Munn ;)

Olivia Munn is om nom nom nomilicious

We can confirm that BKV either reads her blog, or was forwarded the post. Yeah, networking. And he should write a new Big Trouble in Little China in which the green eyed goddess of pie does battle-times against the foreign ones.

Greener pasture? Olivia Munn is an arid tundra where no good or pure thing can grow. A cursed waste where the shapeless things from before history bubble and fester. She is damnation.

James, you are dumb; Outgoing Loner, YOU are a GENIUS!

Sweet! Maybe now he’ll come back to Runaways

Has BKV had any new pictures taken in the last decade?

I sure hope this means there’s movement on Roundtable. I’m not really a fan of his comic book work particularly– some of it’s nice, I suppose. But Roundtable is just a terrific screenplay. Terribly entertaining– I remember bits of it every so often, fondly. A special effects family-friendly adventure movie, sure– it doesn’t reinvent the wheel. But it’s witty and fun, with loads of personality. I hope they find a way to get it made.

This was so funny how he responded right away to Olivia’s fantasy!! :)

I was so sorry to hear about this! I’m going to miss his presence in the final season, as he was responsible for some of the best episodes on that show! But I’m glad he’s got SO much going on that he gets to dump something like Lost! :)

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