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Twilight art

Twilight art

Publishing | calls the just-announced graphic-novel adaptation of Twilight from Yen Press “the closest thing to printing money that we’ve heard about this year.” That sounds about right. The retailer-oriented website goes on to characterize the move as “the kind of deal that could be a transformational event for Yen,” the three-year-old imprint of Hachette Book Group. Brigid Alverson rounds up some online reaction. []

Publishing | Viz Media rolls out its complete SIGIKKI online manga magazine, and reveals the titles that will join Children of the Sea on the free website. [press release]

Johnny's Resin figures

Johnny's Resin figures

Legal | Here’s a little more on DC Comics’ multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Bradenton, Florida, resident John Stacks, who’s accused of selling unauthorized resin kit figurines based on the 1960s Batman TV series. “This was not a profit thing,” Stacks says. “This was a hobby that I enjoy. … It’s not that I’m making a fortune. I’m making nothing. It’s ridiculous.” [Bradenton Herald]

Crime | If you’ve been wondering what became of the young man who, dressed as Superman, got into a highly publicized scuffle with police last week in Times Square, wonder no more: Twenty-three-year-old Bronx resident Maksim Katsnelson has withstood the mockery, and even gained a fan following. Kevin Deutsch gets Our Hero’s backstory. [The Riverdale Press]

Publishing | Sean Kleefeld points out that Marvel stock is at its highest point ever. [Kleefeld on Comics]

Publishing | Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has announced that Jeanine Schaefer has been promoted from associate editor to editor, and will move from his office to the X-Men office. Lauren Sankovitch, a former assistant editor in the Ultimates office, has been promoted to associate editor in Brevoort’s office. [Blah Blah Blog]

Naruto, Vol. 45

Naruto, Vol. 45

Sales charts | The 45th volume of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto debuts at No. 31 on USA Today’s bestseller list, followed at No. 53 by the 23rd, and final, volume of Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket. [USA Today]

Creators | Neil Gaiman chats with Neal Conan about Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? [NPR]

Creators | Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis answers 20 questions from Scott Nickel. [A Nickel’s Worth, via The Daily Cartoonist]

Creators | Rachelle Goguen interviews collaborators Curt Franklin and Chris Haley, creators of the webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again. “I’m hoping to get to the point where we’re completely unemployable in the comic book industry due to ruined husks of bridges we’ve burnt,” Franklin says, “which is when I’ll take my mask off and reveal that I’ve been Chuck Austen all along and I’ll welcome Chris into my bunker; my years of work having created the perfect sidekick to aid me in exacting revenge on everybody who hated WorldWatch.” [Living Between Wednesdays]

Red Robin #1

Red Robin #1

Process | Letterer Todd Klein walks through his design of the Red Robin logo for DC Comics. [Todd’s Blog]

ComicsLive for July 16

Chicago | Artist Dave McKean will sign at Challengers Comics to kick off a weekend full of activities. Details can be found here.

New York | Dan Nadel and David Mazzucchelli will speak at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art starting at 7 p.m. The museum is hosting an exhibit of Mazzucchelli’s work called “Sounds and Pauses: The Comics of David Mazzucchelli.” Details here.

Portland | Arnold Pander will sign his new Image graphic novel Tasty Bullet at Floating World from 4 to 6 p.m. Details here.



Stacks’ resin-figure site is back up, with the following disclaimer:

“Johnny’s Resin is not in anyway affiliated with DC Comics. All kits are sold to portray an Actor and NOT ANY CHARACTERS OWNED BY DC COMICS. Johnny’s Resin does not intend to infringe on any copyrights , characters or trademarks owned by DC COMICS.”

Given that DC’s contacted him about this numerous times over the years, he really doesn’t seem to have a leg to stand on. He’s arguing that he’s got likeness rights to the actors, but in that case, he can go ahead and do an Adam West statue. But he’s doing Adam West dressed as Batman, standing on a Batman logo. His Joker statue says “The Joker” on it, not “Cesar Romero.”

So clearly, he’s not simply selling statues of actors, but of actors in roles established on the Batman TV show, and he doesn’t have rights to those.

He also says, “THESE KITS ARE NOT DC COMICS Characters ..The costumes worn by the actors were designed by Mr. Jan Kemp while employed by William Dozier !!”

…which is sort of like saying that if Neal Adams designed a costume, it’s not a DC costume. But that’s silly. Jan Kemp designed those costumes, but did so under a deal that recognizes that they’re not his property (and not public domain, either). Dozier doesn’t own the characters either; they were licensed from DC.

So it seems that he just doesn’t care about trademarks (or is too dopey to understand what they are). But that’s really not going to work for him.

Back when I was a literary agent, we kept getting teleplay samples from some guy who really, really liked the Hulk TV show, and was writing teleplays for “The Raging Hulk,” which he kept insisting was his own creation, that what Marvel owned was “The Incredible Hulk,” and his was different. Still named David Banner, mind you, and still with exactly the same voiceover opening riff, but his guy was “raging,” and that made it all okay.

That didn’t get him anywhere, and I doubt it’s going to get Stacks anywhere.

If it’s a hobby, don’t sell them. If you’re selling them, recognize that it’s a business and you can’t simply take other people’s property, even if you do it pretty.


It’s amazing what you can find out about a person on the internet. Address, phone number, controversies. If I can find these things in 15 minutes, imagine what a corporate lawyer can find out about a person. Late payments to utility companies, credit card companies, taxes paid or unpaid.

Price of tea in China?

Give it up, Stacks. Offer to settle for an apology and a fine. Attorney fees will cost you everything you own. Why destroy your life for resin?

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