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Gaiman on Marvelman: ‘Obviously I’d like to finish the story I started’

Miracleman #23

Miracleman #23

Although he admits he’s uncertain what will happen with the property, Neil Gaiman says he’s “delighted” that Marvel has acquired the rights to Marvelman, and would like to complete the story he began nearly two decades ago.

Gaiman succeeded Alan Moore as writer on the series, then called Miracleman because of trademark concerns, with 1990’s Issue 17. He collaborated with artist Mark Buckingham through Issue 25, which was never published because of the collapse of Eclipse Comics.  That issue would have reintroduced Kid Miracleman.

“Right now I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen,” Gaiman writes this morning on his website, “and Mark Buckingham and I haven’t signed anything, but I’m really hopeful that Marvel will bring Alan Moore’s stories back into print, and the work I did with Mark Buckingham (Miracleman 25 was finished, ready for printing, 16 years ago. It’s still in Mark Buckingham’s possession, although some of the lettering balloons have gone a bit yellow.) I’m not entirely sure what Marvel’s plans are for the character at this point — obviously I’d like to finish the story I started.”

Gaiman elaborates a little more in this brief interview with Matthew Surridge for the Montreal Gazette: “… To be honest, I’m just delighted that Marvel have acquired the rights legally, and are talking right now with us about reprinting the work, bringing the work back ethically. Which is a lot more than – you know, [Canadian comics creator] Todd McFarlane [who] … announced that he was going to be reprinting it without paying us. Things are definitely in a better place.”

For more on the complicated history of Mick Anglo’s Marvelman/Miracleman, be sure to check out Chris Mautner’s overiew.



*fingers crossed*

This is the bollox! Marvel have got marvel/miracleman? When did this happen? This is the fantastic news for all comic fans, sorry watchmen lovers, but marvelman is the greatest Alan Moore series in the superhero genre. Truly original, sometimes disturbing and often imitated but never bettered. Groundbreaking in every way- order your copies now. (And Neil Gaimans run delivers as well).

All that I ask is that marvel keep this character out of their universe. Lets just start with reprints, actions figures, tshirts, and let neil finish his story. Then after I am dead you can do what you want. Feel free to exploit Miracleman with apparel all you want. I encourage it. But for the love of god, leave this characters world alone. Some comics just need an end and you let the reader create in their imagination.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 31, 2009 at 4:30 am

Of course, Gaiman would like to finish what he started.
EVERYONE wants to see that!!! ;-)

But let’s hope that MARVEL comes through on this one, as well as reprinting the Moore’s and Gaiman’s run.

Honestly, Gaiman would be really brave to attempt to finish it now. He is not the writer he was then. He is a much better in some respects, and worse in others. And unfortunately it is his superhero writing that has greatly diminished. Everything he has done at Marvel is crap, and his most recent DC stuff is merely passable.

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