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Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon confirmed on relaunched Punisher MAX [Updated]

Punisher MAX #1

Punisher MAX #1

Today’s episode of G4’s Attack of the Show confirmed what’s been rumored for more than two months: that writer Jason Aaron and artist Steve Dillon will take on Marvel’s Punisher.

According to “Fresh Ink” host Blair Butler, the two creators will relaunch Punisher MAX with a new No. 1 issue in November. The current mature-readers title, the awkwardly named The Punisher: Frank Castle MAX, appears to be ending in September.

The new series reportedly will feature the debut of Bullseye and Kingpin in the MAX universe — can that be right? — with the first story arc focusing on the rise of Wilson Fisk through the ranks of the criminal underworld and the role Frank Castle plays in his ascent.

Word of the Aaron-Dillon teamup began circulating in early May after colorist Matt Hollingsworth listed “Punisher starting with issue #75,” along with the creators’ names, under the “Current Comics Work” header.

Dillon previously worked with Garth Ennis from 2001 to 2003 on the Marvel Knights imprint version of The Punisher, and later drew the Bullseye: Greatest Hits and Punisher vs. Bullseye miniseries. Aaron, who’s best known for his work on Scalped, Wolverine and Ghost Rider, wrote last year’s Punisher MAX X-Mas Special.

Update: You can watch the “Fresh Ink” segment here. now has more details in an interview with Aaron: “The [Marvel Universe] Bullseye doesn’t work in the MAX Universe. You can’t have a guy running around in a costume killing people with toothpicks and playing cards. We’re not going to see that, but it’ll still be true to what we know about Bullseye.”



Interesting. One has to wonder if this is a continuation of the MAX-verse (or whatever) that Ennis created or a reboot of sorts…

So this officially means that everything Jason Aaron writes for Marvel is $3.99.


Adam has a good point.

Boo, indeed.

Kevin Melrose

July 16, 2009 at 5:14 pm

Are you saying “boo” or “Boo-urns”?

Awesome. Aaron is a freaking huge talent and I loved Ennis’ run on MAX. This will be good!

the first story arc…rise of Fisk…and the role Frank Castle plays in his ascent

Eeuooouurrrreerrrrr…that sounds a bit….thhhhhhhh….

I wanna see it, but I’m gonna be reading it with some trepidation. Part of the brilliance of Punisher-Max is the moratorium on supervillains. I suspect – I hope – that Fisk and Bullseye will be given the same close crop – Bullseye, especially. I loved Dillon’s Bullseye comic with Daniel Way, but if that costume shows up…

Glad Frank’s not going away, though.


…I was saying “Boo-urns!”

While Dillon is a fine artist, he’s not to my taste. His art doesn’t excite me. I hope they get Goran Parlov to help out when needed.

It’s a continuation of Ennis’s MAX-verse from what I understand. And, damn, it’s going to be a comic I’m looking forward to!

I kind of fell away after The Punisher got his Code-Approved title back, but is there officially a “MAX-Verse?”

And does this seriously warrant another new series?

Yes there is official a MAX-Verse, it has been confirmed by multiply writers and artist. The 616 Frank Castle is different than the MAX Frank Castle.

It isn’t a new series, it is the same damn series just relaunched back at #1 for some strategic matter that Quesada knows of and isn’t sharing with anyone else. Besides the fact that #1’s always sell well, so maybe after each #1 they will begin to relaunch all titles so all we have are #1’s.

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 16, 2009 at 8:19 pm


Not bloody likely. Steve Dillon drew and inked the entire run of PREACHER # 1-66 (including 2 one-shots tie-in, and a Hellblazer special) without taking a break. So he can draw lengthy runs.

Maybe the occasional fill-in or between story-arcs.

I’ve actually been enjoying the title since Ennis left, which I didn’t think I would. So I’m not super jazzed about the change, but I’m not hating on it either.

What the f*ck?? Steve Dillon?? PLEASE NO. Well 4 smackeroos saved for another comic !

what the hell is wrong with you people? Steve dillon’s art is great, and it works well with the punisher. (See Welcome Back Frank, great book by the way)

The X-Mas special Aaron wrote was absolutely brilliant.

I’m a fan of Dillon’s but Parlov is one of my favourite artists and that’s what had me picking it up monthly; i just couldn’t wait to see his brilliant new pages. Now i reckon I’ll hold out for the trade paperback. I’m sure it’ll be great.


I started reading the Punisher because of Steve Dillon and I stopped when he did. Sign me back up! I don’t care what universe it takes place in, sounds like some good mature comics coming our way!

Read the MAX books and then Welcome Back Frank! you can tell the difference in Ennis’ writing. It is much darker and just didn’t seem to fit Dillon’s art. Aaron’s writing is very dark too and hopefully it will all go smoothly and work nicely. From what I have seen of the interiors so far. Go to this site and watch the video to see some interiors. Dillon has changed his style just a little bit to the way he is drawing Frank’s face in the shadow and what not.

If you read any of the MAX series you would understand what a lot of people are saying of how they fill Dillon’s art might just not fit. Dillon is a great artist and a great guy. And I really hope this works for him.

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