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Morrison fascinated by ‘contradictions and complexities’ of Wonder Woman

Final Crisis #5

Final Crisis #5

In the past six months Grant Morrison has moved from apologizing for his treatment of Wonder Woman in Final Crisis to hinting at a “different project” that might examine the themes surrounding the Amazonian princess.

Now he reveals she’s the iconic DC Comics character he’d most like to work with next.

“I’ve become fascinated by all the contradictions and complexities in the character over the years,” Morrison tells the A.V. Club in a broad-ranging Q&A, “and would love to do an All-Star Superman-style take that would clarify and redefine what she stands for, and what she’s capable of as a character.”

In his appearance with author Clive Barker earlier this month at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, Morrison said, “These extremely weird, dark elements of Wonder Woman haven’t been adequately dealt with. Wonder Woman remains a really bizarre, untouchable character. She should represent women in the same way Superman represents men.”



…I don’t really know how I feel about Morrison writing Wonder Woman.

It should be a feeling of glee.

Morrison always takes a character and gives me plots that look terrible in the issue solicits, but then turn out to be complete nerdgasm.

I have about as much interest in reading more of Grant Morrison’s take on Wonder Woman as I have in reading about the gastointestinal difficulties of Idi Amin. This is the man who said “… I must admit I’ve always sensed something slightly bogus and troubling at its heart. When I dug into the roots of the character I found an uneasy melange of girl power, bondage and disturbed sexuality that has never been adequately dealt with or fully processed out to my mind. I’ve always felt there was something oddly artificial about Wonder Woman, something not like a woman at all.”


“Girl power” being described as something that causes Morrison “unease”?

That’s not someone I want anywhere *near* Diana, particularly after the way he’s treated her recently.

Didn’t he also say something to the effect of “she’s not like the rest of us” and inferred that that was a *negative* trait?

Process her all you want, Mr. Morrison. Just please don’t publish it in a book for DC.

The only thing worse than Morrison’s writting lately has been his fanatics claiming everything to be genius, if i’m a Wonder Woman fan i’d be starting a boycott right away. The last thing they should want is Morrison’s drug induced nonsense messing up what Gail is trying to do with her at the moment.

A lot of people have trouble connecting with the character, giving Grant a shot at clarifying her couldn’t hurt.

Morrison is a raging narcissist. Every interview to me seems to scream someone who is just in love with the pseuointellectual sound of his own voice.

He is always bigger than the character. It’s never “I want to honor X character’s great legacy and be one of many great voices to contribute to the tapestry,” it’s always a messianic self-regard. He’s always acting like he’s going to be the one to “redeem” the character and remind everyone why the character was great or he’s going to be that guy to show you the character’s true potential. It seems no character is capable of being written to their full potential or done right until Morrison gets his hands on them.

Look at his language. He would love to ” redefine what she stands for” and show “what she’s capable of as a character.” Because of course no one has done that recently or is doing it now. The messiah is needed for that. Also, he said earlier in the month that aspects of her “haven’t been adequately dealt with.” I swear, he thinks he’s the only guy capable of writing any character to their full potential. Everything is “me me me, I’m so great. Enough about me, let’s talk about me.” “I’m going to fully explain the Joker and his previous incarnations and write him to his full potential and redefine him.” Result? Snoozefest. “I’m going to redefine Batman, bring back hairy chested Love God, blah blah blah, all we get is a boring, rehashed incomprehensible version of Knightfall.

That said, Batman and Robin seems to be his one recent good book.

This could be the shot in the arm WW needs.

Grant Morrison on Wonder Woman? Finally, a reason to read a Wonder Woman comic.

Batman and Robin has been amazing so far. I can’t wait to see Quitely’s Joker.

You know what would make Morrison writing Wonder Woman even better?

Cameron Stewart drawing it.

Make it happen, DC!

Good, this is exactly what Wonder Woman needs.

As a Wonder Woman fan, all I can think to do it….

….scream in horror and bury my head in the sand.

Grant Morrison writing Wonder Woman is…exactly what the Batman books need.

Wondy could use a bit more of the weirdness and transgressiveness of the original Marston stuff. I’m not really clear on what Morrison’s full thesis statement on her would end up being, but I think sometimes writers are afraid of engaging the problematic female-dominance concepts because they don’t want to end up with fetish wank or whatever. But I think Morrison could keep it PG-13.

Grant Morrison writing Wonder Woman would probably be the only reason for me to be even REMOTELY interested in reading about Diana.


Really, this is the best you can do? Because there was no apology; and there’s no move. He’s saying exactly the same thing about doing a Wonder Woman project as he did six months ago. Which makes it a bit unimpressive as revelations go.

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