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Nobody Watches the Watchmen

Funny or Die offers up a parody meeting between Watchmen creator Alan Moore and his character Rorschach, as the famed author does whatever he can to keep people from watching the Watchmen DVD:

(Thanks Ian!)



not funny.

at all.


Come on! “Watchmen” was not bad at all!

The part with the snake deity was pretty funny. And not my favorite fake version of Alan Moore (he reminded me too much of Sauroman).
Here’s a better Alan Moore.

Well I thought it was funny. Definitely the snake deity. And I give them a point for “Robo Rorshach.”

I didn’t think it was bad either but come on…you gotta have enough humor to laugh at Alan Moore in his undies at the computer and the over-the-top 4 hour long extended edition that had people clawing their eyes out.

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