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SDCC ’09 | NBM, Disney and more

The 2009 San Diego Comic-Con kicks off in two weeks. If you are a publisher, creator, retailer or any other kind of exhibitor who would like to let folks know about any special plans you have for the show (panels, signing schedules, exclusives, debuts, etc.) drop me an email and I’ll run it here.

Registered Weapon

Registered Weapon

Webcomics | Gardner Linn, one of the creators behind Registered Weapon, sent word that the first print collection of “the webcomic about a crime-fighting robot who used to be a cash register” will premiere at San Diego, “guerrilla style.”

“Booths will soon be an outmoded concept in the every-man-for-himself comics industry of the future (just like paper and paying for things), so writers Gardner Linn and Chris Thorn will be hitting the show guerrilla-style, passing out copies to anybody who wants one (and even more people who don’t),” he writes. “And keep coming back to for more info as the con approaches, and new comics four times a week.”

BTW, I really dig this webcomic; go check it out if you’re looking for off-the-wall laughs.

Comics | NBM has released their booth signing schedule, which includes appearances by Lewis Trondheim, Neil Kleid, Rick Geary and more. Kleid’s new book, The Big Kahn, will debut at the show.

Eisners | The folks over at Girls Entertainment Network are reviewing a bunch of the stuff nominated for the Eisner Award this year. They also have a contest going on in conjunction with it that ends tomorrow.

Movies | Disney has released their panel schedule, which includes Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki, John Lasseter and Robert Zemeckis.

Also, their new D23 fan club will have a booth and will give out lithographs to D23 members attending the con.

TV | The Cartoon Network has released their panel schedule.

Caprica Serge USB Keychain

Caprica Serge USB Keychain

TV | NBC has produced several Comic-Con 2009 exclusives … a Chuck polo shirt, a Schrute Farms Beets Watch and a Caprica Serge USB Keychain, among others.

However, they aren’t actually selling any of these items at Comic-Con. A note underneath each item says, “This item is being produced exclusively for Comic-Con. It will be seen at panels, events, and/or on the floor at Comic-Con. However, it is NOT available for sale at the show and can only be purchase here at!”

Update: According to a press release from NBC, they’ll be giving away “a small and highly exclusive batch of numbered, limited edition items” at the con. The items will be displayed at the Entertainment Earth booth.

Fandom | There will be a Tweetup — a meetup of folks on Twitter — at the con on July 22 at 7 p.m. More details can be found here.

Movies + TV | Paramount Home Entertainment sent over some info on their plans for their booth, which will focus on some of their big DVD releases coming later this year. On the Star Trek front, you can be photographed in Captain Kirk’s chair, which they will also be giving away. Plus, “galactic green” booth babes! They’ll also have one of the characters from Monsters vs. Aliens running around, video game demos and a panel featuring the cast of the animated TV show Drawn Together (who apparently are getting their own movie). Then on Friday night, they’ll host a happy hour at Henry’s Irish Pub in support of the DVD Road Trip: Beer Pong.



What the hell ever happened to Kingdom Comics or whatever the new Disney imprint was going to be. I remember a year or two ago they were going to make a big splash in the industry. Whatever happened to that?

Registered Weapon is the bomb, yo!

Mr. Wesley,

There will be news about Kingdom Comics soon. We appreciate your interest as to what we’re up to.



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