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SDCC ’09 | There’s trouble in Camp Twilight

Camp Twilight (photo by Andy Khouri)

Camp Twilight (photo by Andy Khouri)

There’s turmoil brewing in Camp Twilight, the name given to the tent-and-sleeping bag city that sprang up outside of the San Diego Convention Center as fans began lining up two days ago for this afternoon’s New Moon panel.

Jevon Phillips reports that some people — adult TwiMoms are singled out — have been cutting in line and saving spaces. Needless to say, that doesn’t sit well with some of the fans, whose numbers last night were placed anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000. A few teen girls, outraged that convention security is allowing places to be saved, speak out on video.

“They asked a 17-year-old [actor Taylor Lautner, presumably] to sign their thong,” on girl says. “That’s disgusting. If a guy was asking a 17-year-old girl that, he could get arrested.”

By 1:45 this afternoon, things could get really ugly.

And if fans spot the glaring discrepancies between the anemic, fully clothed Edward doll and the buff, shirtless Jacob doll, convention organizers may have to call in the National Guard.



You know, earlier this year I was thinking that at age 30, I really should get around to attending the next SDCC if I’m ever going to go at all. The more I’m reading about the con this year, though, the more convinced I become that I really don’t want to go anywhere near thing anyway.


Just imagine what the crowd would be like if Twilight was actually any good…

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