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Superman and Batman fought the law; the law won

Batman ... RIP (New York Post)

Batman ... RIP (New York Post)

It seems the World’s Finest are no match for New York‘s Finest.

Putting the Daily Planet to shame, the New York Post reports in an “exclusive” that New York City police took down Batman and Superman yesterday in Times Square.

Make that Frank Frisoli and Maksim Katsnelson, who were dressed as two-thirds of DC Comics’ Trinity.

It seems Katsnelson (Superman) may have been panhandling. When approached by police, he allegedly hit a female officer in the face. One witness says that it took seven officers to take down the Last Son of Krytpon — er, I mean The Bronx.

The Caped Crusader, Frisoli, was handcuffed and then released because he hadn’t punched an officer in the face, I guess. The Maine resident said the Not-So-Dynamic Duo had dressed up for a laugh.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the required license to perform in costume in public. Wait, a license? Has the Superhuman Registration Act finally spilled over from the Marvel Universe?

Damn you, Tony Stark! Damn you!



You know, these sorts of occurrences are becoming more common place with all these real world “super heroes” popping up — maybe we need a new feature on CBR: When costumed weirdos attack?

Just yesterday I saw four women, two dressed as Statues of Liberty, one as Supergirl and the other as Wonder Woman panhandling as well. They had a box wrapped in gift wrapping paper with a not written in sharpie claiming it was money for children with cancer. To make it even odder, they weren’t actually asking anyone for money, they were just standing next to the box but talking to each other and ignoring everyone else.

Gotta love this town!

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