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That Rafael Grampá sure can draw, part II

Tito Nobunaga

Tito Nobunaga

Once again Mesmo Delivery creator Rafael Grampá teases the new book he’s working on with writer Daniel Pellizzari — Furry Water — with an illustration of one of the characters, Tito Nobunaga. The book and its publisher will officially be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con later this month.



HOOOOLY SHIIIIT! This is AMAAAAZIIIING! Hmmm… I guess it will be published by Dark Horse or Vertigo. I never heard about Daniel Pellizzari before, but I’m already his fan!

Once again, Grampá is incredible…

dude… this is really stunnig!! SO different! Thanks for sharing.

That is some nice work – it reminds me of Geoff Darrow.

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